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  1. The actors have done good with the acts .However, talking about the characters, Obrecht and Fake Luke's were just creepy. Loved how the other acts breathed some life into everyone, minus, Levi. And I even laughed when Molly screamed at TJ to take it off, even when both of their mothers and Sam had that weird look. lol
  2. Todd would even go back for Dani and jack as well, even though they would resent him.
  3. Looks like we are not going to have Johnny anymore either. Just saw on Twitter that Brandon Barash is leaving.
  4. Got to say, I love seeing Sabrina having a backbone, especially showing it to Epiphany. Got a good feeling though someone is not going to be happy when they find out her latest plan to screw with Sabrina failed completely.
  5. DAYS: March Discussion Thread

    All of these storylines on Days right now is making me sad. They are just not making me interested. Kristen messing Brady's mind, Nick trying to keep Will away from his and Gabi's daughter. Also being a control freak. And Chloe manipulating Daniel. Plus the fact they put Kate and Rafe together. IN fact, the only thing that is good right now is Cameron and Abby getting close again.