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    • LOVE OF LIFE Dean Newman...Jack Ryland        1968    Bigamist
    • Clearly this is a reflection of what was happening BTS and the views of TPTB at the time. Perhaps a fear that focusing too heavily on black characters might push away certain audiences, therefore having Vicki in those long shots behind Carla.    I read on Wiki that Southern affiliates began to boycott the show when it was revealed that Carla was actually a light-skinned black woman passing as a white woman and not actually white. Which is funny because it was fine as long as they believed she was white, but once she wasn't it became an issue as if there weren't more scandalous stories on soaps before this. It also shows what a flimsy construct race really is and such a great storyline that OLTL decided to tackle. I'm not giving them a pass on those wedding scenes, but the race storyline seems progressive for the time and the fact that it causes uproar from affiliates proves that. Soaps wouldn't dare upset their affiliates nowadays.
    • Kamala Harris verbally dismantled Rand Paul.  
    • Oh I don't disagree on this. At all. I felt a lot of the same way at the time you did. The tone set was: "Denise is awful and Lily should be raising her daughter instead" and it left a bad taste in my mouth. I loved Denise but I know she wasn't well liked and it was likely done on purpose. I feel like Hillary on Y&R suffered a lot from this type of writing as well, in a slightly different way. Other examples exist of course too.    Yeah it did surprise me. I still don't think they handled Denise well like Carl has said but I do think they hit on beats we didn't necessarily give them credit for. But there was also an insulting tone to some of it, like I said above to Carl.   To be fair though, 1998 was hot garbage and 1999 had Lorraine Broderick (I believe, right?). Denise was introduced in 1998 (I believe) and she definitely had lesser writing. Broderick is very underrated, even though most of us here appreciate her.   I also think when I rewatch certain stuff from when I was watching and the shows were on a decline, I just appreciate more what I didn't then. Maybe it's just seeing a set that got forgotten about or the use of veterans, or maybe it was a scene between characters that was just so well done. IDK if that makes any sense ... lol.   Anyway, sorry for slightly derailing the thread a bit ...
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