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    • Yeah, this Allie's baby storyline started strong, but is quickly spiraling down the drain. All it's making me do is hate Allie, who now seems to be withholding her baby from Will out of spite because he didn't tell her that their mom talked to Rafe about the adoption. I still can't believe that Allie is supposed to be 22, because she acts like a middle schooler. 
    • Yes. Moving Jill out of the Abbott sphere generally, which started around 2003 with the Kay is Jill’s mother storyline, and was complete by 2005 with Gloria taking her natural role in the Abbott storyline, was absolutely wrong. It hurt the Abbotts generally, the Jabot angle, Billy specifically, and Jill as well.    Jabot mattered for the character because Jabot was where Jill found her independence and purpose and excelled at something.    It is also an issue the show could fix instantly. Such a shame they don’t seem interested in doing so. 
    • Add Deniece Williams to the singing guest star roster. I didn't know she appeared.      
    • Angry Sonny was so bad, but honestly, Will was no better.   The writing for these two is awful, and these two never fail to live down to it. Why should we give a damn about them as parents of one kid let alone two?  The storyline is bad, the writing is bad, and the acting is horrific.

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