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    • Days ratings are just as disastrous as the time jump. Total and utter failure.
    • I only have one thing to say: The time jump has been an absolute disaster. WOW.
    • +1 Do I think there are better writers out there? Yes. But of the people who we're liable to get who could potentially write the show in a manner that's familiar with characterization I could engage with, Sally isn't a bad choice. Now, I will also say that I would feel a lot better if she were paired with someone who could inject some pizzazz into her stories, as I do agree she can get a little bit blah, but I don't think she's completely lacking in talent, either. Considering the talent pool that's left, I could think of a lot of people who would be far worse than Sally. I also can't  totally blame Sally for DAYS losing #2 after JER. No one was going to maintain the ratings he brought. Especially considering the fact two of his most popular stories ended just before Sally took the reigns. I think it was to be expected that most anyone that took over from Reilly was going to cause the show to lose some steam.
    • Ratings for the week December 2-6, 2019
    • Suzanne Flynn was promoted to Breakdown writer at GH. I think the first episode was the week of December 2
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