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Episode 253



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Lily bursts through the door at Lucinda's and asks how she can be so careless about everything. First, she hides her past from her own daughter and then, out of nowhere, she emerges from seclusion to blame Colin's murder on Jade. Lucinda initially scolds Lily but soon retreats, knowing she can't win against Lily when she's this upset. Later, Margo shows Lily that the park pulled a security camera showing Jade at the scene with Colin, but there's another person. Both ladies look stunned when Kevin insinuates that it was Luke.

Craig stops by Fairwinds and talks his way past the maid. He walks in while Rosanna's out of the room and picks up Cabot. As he starts to play with him, Rosanna comes out and threatens to call the cops. Craig insists that he was just spending some time with his son; it wasn't like he was going to run off with him. He knows he'd have OPD tailing him by the time he got his car out of the driveway. Rosanna stands stunned at Craig calling Cabot his "son" and asks him to leave. On his way out, Craig asks for an answer about his recent proposition. Rosanna mutters a quick "no" and locks the door behind her.

Margo finds the police report documenting Carly's car being vandalized. Immediately, she probes Katie about what she knows, not mentioning her own suspicions that her little sister has resorted to violence. Hurt, Katie lashes out at Margo for thinking she did it. But, Katie laughs, as far as she's concerned, Carly's getting what she deserves too. After leaving, Katie runs into a weak looking Lyla. Katie insists that her mother go see Michael for a check up, unaware that Lyla's just returned from treatment.

Grabbing a cup of hot cocoa, Alison thanks Casey for meeting her. She wanted to tell him in person that she and Aaron will no longer be working at Donovan's. However, they can still stay in contact. Gwen walks by and Casey gets cold feet when it comes to saying hi. Alison calls him out on it and Casey explains that he got a letter from Sofie last week and it still hasn't sank in. She and Gabe are getting married. Alison admits that while that is sad, it's also good news. Now, Casey's got the closure he needs to move on. Meanwhile, Gwen runs into Will and admits that she misses the way things used to be. Will asks to see Hallie one time before the custody hearing. Gwen seems to be okay with the idea, but Iris returns from shopping and instantly shoots it down. Gwen and Will share a longing glance before Gwen's whisked away under Iris's watchful wing.


ANWT will be pre-empted tomorrow for the inauguration ceremony.

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