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Episode 254



At the hockey game in Chicago, Carly treats the team to popcorn while Mac buys them sodas. While the teens are engrossed in the game, Mac notices Carly's boredom, and compliments her on coming in spite of "everything". Carly admits she doesn't like hockey, but it's something all parents do at one time or another. Then she asks what he meant by "everything". Embarrassed, Mac tells her he's gotten to know Parker and JJ a little bit, and they told him about their parents' divorce and her ex-husband being gone. Defensively,Carly corrects him; her ex is out of town working--not gone. Mac apologizes, between the boys and Brad, he misunderstood the situation. Carly asks what Brad has to do with this. Mac informs her Brad acted like a jealous lover and warned him to stay away from her and the kids.

Over coffee with Michael, Lyla contemplates the next step in her treatment. Michael warns that the radiation therapy might be too much for her to bear alone. Her family deserves to know the truth, he argues. Craig comes in and Lyla lets on that she's not as healthy as they all might think. Judging by his reaction, Lyla sighs that she can't do it. Her family's been through enough in the past year to be worthy of their own reality show. The last thing they need is the news that her cancer has returned. She even argues that they might not believe her after the stunt she pulled when she thought Katie was leaving town. Later, Michael runs into Susan and she hints that she's not busy this weekend and was hoping he'd take her on a date. Recalling that Lyla's scheduled for treatment that same day, Michael grimaces and fumbles for an excuse to miss. Although disheartened, Susan smiles that he'll have to make it up to her.

Luke paces back and forth in his jail cell, counting the bars. He's relieved to see a familiar face when Lily comes in and informs him that the judge has agreed to let him post bail, thanks to Tom's urging. Once he's released, Luke's elated to see Kevin waiting for him. At home, Lily frets over the whole situation. Jade comes down and overhears, stopping Lily mid-sentence. Jade grumbles that she's mad with herself that she can't remember anything. Remembering Kevin's suggestion that the third person in the park might be Luke, Lily asks her if she remembers Luke being in the park the night of the incident. Jade becomes frustrated when she can't remember and heads back upstairs with a throbbing headache. Across town, Kevin's subtle comments make Luke start to think that his boyfriend assumes he killed Colin. Angry, Luke goes to Lily's and reveals that he found the knife in Jade's purse and hid it in the woods to protect her. Lily starts to lecture him, but she's cut short when Faith, Natalie, and Ethan return home from a field trip. Before ushering the kids upstairs to cheer up their favorite cousin, Lily promises Luke that they'll talk about this later.

Latching the horse stall back, Holden turns around to see Lucinda approaching the barn. She pleads with her son-in-law to talk to Lily. He shrugs that he doesn't have a dog in the fight and judging from their mother/daughter spats in the past, he thinks it'd be better for him to stand on the sidelines. Getting nothing from Holden like she had hoped, Lucinda returns home in just enough time to see Carrie and Noah enter the guest house. She heads down to see when they'll be moving out, but Carrie still hasn't decided if she's moving in. After Lucinda leaves, Noah urges Carrie to move in with him. Confused as to why he seems so desperate, she calls him on it. Noah lies that he doesn't want to waste a bunch of money buying a house that he can hardly afford by himself. Once he drops her off at Barbara's suite, Carrie starts cleaning. She finds a real estate business card under the couch and stands fuming once she realizes that Barbara's behind Noah's new house.


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