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Episode 200



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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We made it to 200, guys! :D


Through a visit with Lily, Carly discovers that Carrie is now living with Noah in Lucinda's guesthouse. The two ladies discuss the fact that Carrie's past remains a mystery to pretty much everyone in Oakdale. Whatever the case, James must have been holding something pretty big over her head for her to work for him, they conclude. Lily changes the subject to Jack and Carly, and Carly reveals that she thinks Jack might want to make another go at it, but she's not sure if either of them, not to mention the kids, are ready for such a big step.

Gwen answers the door and finds Will on the other side. She bluntly asks if he's had anything to drink and Will counters that he hasn't had a drop since his run in with Jack. It was Jack that made him think about what he was doing to his family, and he apologizes. Will plays with Hallie while Gwen hears about Will getting fired from the bookstore. Iris overhears and thinks that it would be nice to have Will around to spend more time with Hallie. She explains that she needs some work done around the house and kindly offers him the job. Gwen resentfully eyeballs her mother as Will graciously accepts the generous offer.

Barbara returns home from her businnes trip out of town and sees Carrie's room is empty. Baffled, she phones her. Confused, Carrie replies that Paul had told her that she was fired and had to move out. Barbara scoffs that she did no such thing and tells her she's welcome to return as soon as she can; they need to meet with some top names in the business tomorrow to discuss the new line. Hanging up, Barbara sets off to confront Paul, who denies he told Carrie to move out. She must be making that up, he suggests, to drive a rift between mother and son. Barbara yells that Paul is just like his father: deceitful, cunning, and ruthless. After she's left, Paul gets a call from Rosanna, requesting he come with her to meet the private investigator.

A few minutes later, Paul walks into the office of the private investigator and finds Rosanna pacing the floor. She shamefully admits that she's losing hope for Cabot's safe return day by day. The P.I. comes out of his office and thanks them for coming; he thinks he has some big news. He found a couple in Arizona that says they've seen a man around town with a child matching the picture of Cabot that Rosanna provided. Rosanna cries with excitement as Paul pulls the P.I. aside. Threatening, Paul offers to serve him his head on a platter if this lead doesn't check out and he's left to console his friend after yet another false lead. Paul asks to see the photo of Cabot that he has in his file. The P.I. hands him the photo, showing an infant Cabot shortly after birth. There's a hand holding him in the corner of the photo, which Paul assumes is Rosanna's hand.

The camera zooms in on the hand in the photo and zooms out to reveal a real life hand toting the same image of an infant Cabot. A teardrop falls and the photo gets tucked back inside a manila enevelope. The camera pans out to reveal that it was Carrie holding the photo. Wiping her tears away, she hides the envelope in her purse and gets into bed.


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Congrats on 200 episodes, Dusty! :D

I love Lily and Carly's friendship. Thank God you never went the direction the actual show did to shatter this bond these two ladies share.

What the hell is Iris up to? Her wanting to help Will must mean something's in it for her.

Paul's not just like his daddy, Barbara. He's like you too. That is so something Babs would've done.

OMG! So Carrie is connected to Cabot?! Of course! This is getting so good.

Hey, crossover idea! You should've had Rosanna come to Salem to hire Steve as her PI. He's currently doing nothing in Salem. I could let you use him...for a price. ;):P

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