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Episode 185



While Barbara goes to the penthouse, Paul and Rosanna look for James. Paul accidentally lets it slip that Carrie is Jennifer's half-sister and is appalled that he isn't telling Barbara. Paul frets that he knows his mother is and she'll smother Carrie with love until the point of insanity. He fears that she might seek Carrie to fill the hole that Jennifer left when she died.

Back at the penthouse, Barbara discovers Carrie's purse and Noah's open cell phone with the last call being to 911. Immediately, she panics and upon Margo's arrival, fears that Noah and Carrie have been killed by James. Elsewhere in Oakdale, Noah and Carrie find themselves strapped to chairs inside an old house on the outskirts of town.

Holden comes home and finds Aaron waiting on him in the kitchen. Aaron confides that he really messed up with Alison. After Holden prompts him to save himself, Aaron seeks out Alison and tries to justify his reasons for what he did. Out of anger, Alison hisses that Aaron's a shadow of his former self now. Aaron replies that Alison's always screwing up and time and time, he's taken her back. Why can't she do the same for him?

Chris approaches Kim at work and suggests that she go with him and Bob to dinner at Al's. Kim declines, citing that she's over her head in paperwork for the station. Chris sees right through it and calls his mom out. He tells her that she can fool everyone else, but not him; she's not going because she doesn't want to be around his dad.

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I could definitely see Barbara taking in Carrie as her replacement for Jennifer. Carrie may think it's a good thing in the beginning, but Barbara's children know differently.

I wonder if James has Carrie and Noah or if it's someone else?

I don't know why, but I always forget that Aaron is Holden's son. :huh:

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