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Episode 184



Dusty pushes Emily to cheer up her mom, especially after Michael's farewell to her. Emily eventually agrees and what starts off as an innocent invitation to a picnic soon becomes complicated when Susan accuses Emily of babying her now that Michael is gone. Meanwhile, Alison is shopping at Fashions when she runs into Chris. He explains that he was looking for Lisa. He just got released and is only in town for a week or so. Alison later goes to Susan's and tells her mother and Emily that Chris is back in town.

Aaron turns around and is shocked to find Margo behind him. Margo fumes that Aaron should mind his own business and quit trying to come between Alison and Casey since they are only friends. Aaron fires back that Margo needs to quit defending Casey so much. Later, Margo frets to Tom that she fears she's become too protective of Casey and the two discuss helping Casey find his own place.

Lyla returns home from the doctors office and finds Katie waiting for her. Katie emotionally informs Lyla that Brad has received a job offer out of state and the two have been seriously debating the move. Lyla tells Katie she should follow her heart. When Katie asks why Lyla got so upset about Casey after the wreck, Lyla reveals that she had Bryant flashbacks and it made her miss Bryant and Craig all over again. Later, Katie tells Brad that she forgot to ask Lyla what the doctor said and decides to ask her tomorrow.

Noah knocks repeatedly on the penthouse door before finally coxing a maid to let him into the room. He rushes to Carrie's room and finds her bed empty. Panicking, he calls 911 and declares that someone has kidnapped Carrie. Out of nowhere, a black glove cups Noah's mouth and his cell phone drops to the floor. Meanwhile, Paul recalls that Carrie came to town because of James, but she's also Darryl Crawford's daughter and Jennifer's half-sister. On the plane ride home, Paul convinces himself that he needs to get Carrie to leave Oakdale before James can harm her and before Barbara can find out who she really is.


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