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Episode 186



Kim stands shocked at Chris's statement, but eventually admits that he's right. She can't stand to be in the same room as Bob anymore because she's constantly feeling like she's disappointing him. He's made it clear that he thinks her hatred of Susan has caused the rift, Kim explains, but instead, she thinks that the rift happened way before. Chris hangs his head and sadly mumbles that this is all his fault. They've drifted apart because of him. Choking back the swelling tears behind his eyes, Chris heads to Memorial to see Bob. Bob admits that he's running late for dinner, but Chris tells him not to bother. Dinner has been cancelled. Bob knows that Kim changed her mind, recalling that he and Kim haven't been exactly getting along. Chris is dismayed to learn that Bob feels like the end of their marriage is just around the corner.

At Java, Aaron recalls the different times that Alison has screwed him over, but Alison stops him short and explains that this is different. He didn't screw her over. Instead, he played with her friend's emotions just because he somehow felt threatened. Jade comes to work and hears from Aaron that Lily is out of town on business. Aaron asks about Jade's newest boyfriend and grumbles that he hopes he's single; after all, Jade does have a history with men who are already in relationships. Jade fumes for Aaron to leave her alone and mind his own business. After Aaron leaves, Kevin and Luke come in and ask when Jade plans on revealing to Colin that she knows who he is. Instead, Jade smirks that she's just going to let Colin believe she's not onto him for a little longer until she can figure out what he's up to. After they leave, Luke goes home and sees the breaking news of Noah and Carrie's disappearance on the television.

In a cozy mansion on a hill, Emma comes in the room carrying breakfast on a tray. The same man that she was spotted with by Holden and Lily rises up in the bed. Emma addresses the man as Clark and hopes that he starts to get over his cold sometime soon. Clark hates that she has to go home so soon, and reminds her that anytime she wants him to come with her, he's ready. Later, afetr Emma is gone, Clark gets a call from Holden, disgusing his voice as Emma's friend and telling him that Emma needs his assistance in Oakdale as soon as possible. Immediately, Clark hops in a cab set for Oakdale.

Back in the abandoned house, James saunters in and teases Noah and Carrie. Carrie becomes severely aggravated and kicks her feet at the crooked man. James chuckles as Carrie screams at James for doing this to them and asks how long he's going to keep this up. James reveals that he'll keep them here as long as he pleases until he's ready to dispose of them. Noah lunges his chair forward at James, but Jame sticks out his foot, causing the chair to give way and Noah to become pinned between the chair and the floor. His arms in a curious angle, Noah screams with discomfort as Carrie asks James to help Noah. Instead, James walks out.

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