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Episode 168



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Rejoicing in their victory, the kids breathe a sigh of relief as they sit down for pizza with Jack and Carly. Parker takes the initiative to escort Sage and J.J. away from the table once Jack and Carly start talking. Sage overhears Jack's plans to leave and rushes back to tell her brothers. Quickly coming up with a solution, Parker has J.J. pre-occupy his parents. He sneaks back in through the window minutes later, covered in grease and holding a mechanic part. When Sage asks what he did, he shrugs and says he doesn't know. Cleverly, he smirks and remarks that Jack isn't going anywhere now. While Parker takes a shower, Jack comes back in and sighs that he can't go anywhere. Whatever is wrong with the car, it will have to wait until morning when the mechanics store opens, he concludes. Carly offers him a ride back to the farm, but Jack protests, saying it's too late. He hints that the couch is quite comfy, but throws up the idea that he could sleep in one of the kids' rooms. Carly doesn't give up much of an argument and hesitantly agrees to let him spend the night on the couch. Upstairs, an eavesdropping Sage and J.J. share a celebratory high-five.

Emily pecks around on her keyboard, unable to focus as she keeps shooting her eyes towards a photo of her and Dusty on her desk. Finally grabbing up the photo, she puts it face down on the trash can. Alison emerges, scolding Emily on her poor behavior concerning Susan. Emily remarks that she has enough trouble to deal with, but soon caves and decides to give Susan an apologetic visit. Susan first shuns her daughter, shutting the door in her face, but Emily pleads with her through the window that she's hear to apologize. Susan finally lets her in and Emily apologizes for not looking past her own problems to see her mother's hurting. Susan remembers a time that Emily didn't have to worry about being hurt. She recalls when Emily was so young and so innocent. She never knew the pain of love. She only wishes all relationship were like that. Yes, she and Michael weren't officially an item, but she felt like they were gaining ground, she cries. But now, Susan continues, Emily has a chance to not feel the pain of loneliness anymore. However, she's turning away the one man that would move heaven and earth for her. Emily admits she has been cruel to Dusty and his advances, but recalls the hurt she felt after the demise of her marriage to Hal. He treated her so wonderfully, but she had to go and ruin it. She doesn't want to ruin what she has with Dusty. Susan stops her and tells her that the past in the past and she can only look towards the future. Mother and daughter share a tear-soaked hug and make a silent promise to leave the mother/daughter feuding behind for now. Later, Emily returns to the office and finds Dusty sitting in her office. Grudgingly, he points at the picture of them stuck on top of the trash can and grumbles that he guesses this is a "no". Before Dusty can whirl around and storm out of The Enquirer offices, Emily grabs him by his collar and kisses him.

Barbara hisses that Carrie's ten minutes over her allowed lunch break. Carrie quickly apologizes and gets to work on the new designs for the teen line. It isn't long before Noah pops his head in. Carrie tries to shoo him away, but Noah says he just wanted to thank her for last night. Before last night, he was regretting everything. He was wishing he had made different choices and wondering if his split from Luke was the right thing. But now, he explains, it's all so clear. He grabs Carrie's hand and tells her that after last night, he now knows that he wants to be with her. Carrie's touched, but not wanting to lead him on, lets him down gently. Seeing his pain, Carrie reasons that they were both drunk and didn't know what they were doing. Noah claims to understand, but outside, he bashes his fist against a wall and watches as his knuckles turn red with blood. Back inside, Barbara harshly rejects Carrie's new designs and orders she stay the night and have new designs on her desk by morning. Carrie sighs. Later, Barbara gets a call from Paul. The line is full of static, but all she can hear is Paul say "Canada". Guessing that her son needs her, Barbara immediately books a flight to Canada.

In Canada, Paul and Rosanna comb the streets looking for information regarding Cabot. Rosanna is frantic, deadset in her belief that James is holding Cabot hostage. Paul tries to calm her down and asserts that they don't know that. Posing as relatives, Paul and Rosanna implore the police about the ongoing investigation into the car crash that killed Cabot's adoptive parents. An officer named Tony offers to let them know if he hears of anymore leads. Outside, Rosanna makes an observation that Paul should call Barbara so she won't worry. Through the static, Paul vaguely warns Barbara to stay out of Canada. "We have everything under in control in Canada," he says as he tries to talk though the static. "There's no need to worry. We'll be home shortly." Later, we see Tony meet James and inform him that two people, a man and a woman, came looking for leads at the station. James resolves to take care of it and saunters away. After searching all day and the night before, Paul and Rosanna decide to take a break and start searching again in the morning. Seeing their money dwindling, they both agree on one hotel room instead of two. When Paul tries to kiss Rosanna, she reminds him that they can only be friends. Paul asks her point blank if she is ever going to open her heart back up to him after he believed Meg over her. Hurt, Rosanna turns her back to Paul and issues a stern goodnight from across the pillow barricade on the bed.


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Those damn Snyder kids. They're clever, aren't they? :lol:

I'm glad you have Emily admitting that she's worried about hurting Dusty, rather than this just being a selfish thing, her not wanting to be with Dusty. Loved that ending! Dusty and Emily are love. :wub:

Wait, I'm confused. Refresh me real quick. Wasn't Carrie pregnant at one time, not long ago? Is she still pregnant or did she lose the baby?

I want Paul and Rosanna together, and I'm hoping this trip, and hopefully finally getting Cabot back will be what brings them together again.

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The only reason Emily has real reservations is because she doesn't want to hurt or fail Dusty, not because she fears he'll hurt her.

Yes, Carrie WAS pregnant. However, she did miscarry.

It's going to take a lot for Paul and Rosanna to get back to where they were. After he believed Meg over her, that was the straw that broke the camel's back. She took a leap in even trusting him again. James returned to town, teased her about knowing something about Cabot, and she knew the only way to get to James is through Paul. Rosanna's looking at her partnership with Paul in terms of a temporary business relationship that will help her find Cabot. Paul, however, has been mislead and believes the reason Rosanna chose him to aid in her search for Cabot is because she has forgiven him.

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