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Episode 93



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Dusty and Meg go to confront James, who warns them that anyone who has ever messed with a Stenbeck has, if they survived, lived to regret it. Dusty calls him on his bluff and threatens James in return. Later, James rallies a reluctant Barbara into his scheme to take Worldwide.

Emily talks with Susan about Andy. Emily is furious when Susan comments that if it hadn't been for Andy and Emily's roll in the hay, Hal might still be in good health. Emily leaves in a huff and runs right into Andy, who doesn't even have time to apologize before Emily lays a steamy kiss on him, while Susan disapprovingly watches on.

Gwen tearfully begs her sister to stay, but the two are interrupted when Jack asks who's leaving. Realizing that Carly hasn't told Jack yet, Gwen promises to call later. However, Jack presses Gwen even more until the two sisters break the news that he and Carly are leaving Oakdale for a while.

Margo begs Owen to release Ben, but he doesn't budge and locks the door. Margo notices something on the ground and goes to retrieve it. Leah is shocked to find that Margo has Owen's passport. Margo pitches an idea to Leah that they blackmail Owen into releasing Ben and the others in the house. Across town, Tom calls Jessica, claiming that Margo should have been back from her business trip long ago, but he can't seem to reach her and the hotel she claimed to be staying at hasn't seen her.


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