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Episode 94



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Andy and Emily decide to talk away from Susan and go to Java. Emily tells Andy that she over-reacted and apologizes. She says that she's so lucky to have finally found love and doesn't know what she's do without him. A lurking John tells himself that she's about to find out.

Maddie calls over Henry, who hleps change the tires. Maddie rushes off to find Luke, adamant that he was the one who damged Heath's tires. Though Luke denies it at first, he eventually admits to it and Maddie tells him thats she never wants to see him again.

Mike begs Katie to quit chasing after Henry and foucs on their approaching wedding. Katie is baffled, but it all comes to light when Mike bends down on one knee and asks her to be Mr. Michael Kasnoff. Katie accepts, but the glee is cut short when Henry drops by and announces that construction is complete on KATY. Now, all they need is workers.

Margo fears what Owen could do to Ben and figures that since he has his passport, the end of the cult must be approaching, so Owen has to be making plans to flee. Elsewhere, Jessica regretfully tells Tom the truth. Tom, beyond the point of consolation, demands Jessica and Curtis take him to where his wife is.


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