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Episode 92



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Lucinda is startled when Dusty, Meg, Nick, and Jennifer all come by wanting answers. Lucinda finally caves in and tells them all that James has threatened Worldwide. She's touched when all four vow to stick by her and help her in any way possible.

Carly calls Gwen over to the house and tells her what Dr. Michaels said about leaving the state...at least temporarily. Gwen is hurt, but knows that it's the best thing for Jack. Carly informs Gwen that her midwife when Sage was born, Hannah, has invited them to stay with her in Montana.

Heath calls Maddie and asks for a lift since his tires have been slit. When Maddie arrives, both question who would do such a thing. Over at Maddie's house, Luke walks up and is furious when he realizes Maddie has run off to help Heath. Luke kicks himself for coming up with the plan in the first place, thinking that if he got to Maddie first and with Heath incapacitated, he thought she might realize just how he felt about her.

John hears of Hal's health and on his way to visit Hal, runs into Andy. Andy says that he and Emily have been on rough terms because of his outburst the other day. John wishes his son all the happiness in the world and alone, gets an idea.


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