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Episode 87



April 21, 2006

Episode #0087


Scott DeFreitas

Don Hastings

Kelly Menighan-Hensley

Arianne Zuker-Lowder

Scott Holmes

Eileen Fulton

Cloris Leachman

Ellen Dolan

William Utay

Jesse Soffer

Colleen Zenk-Pinter

Andy talks with Bob about Hal's condition and Bob assures Andy that they are doing everything they can. Emily arrives with Daniel and wants to know how Hal is doing, since she brought Hal to see him. Andy blasts Emily for bringing a child to see Hal in such poor condition. Emily, taken back by Andy going off, promptly picks up Daniel and leaves.

Trying to get some luggage into her car, Roxie is startled when Tom offers her to help. He asks why she is continuously running away but is constantly saying that she came to Oakdale to find a sense of family she's longed for for so long. Both are interrupted when a taxi pulls up and out steps Lisa and Nadine. Roxie faints in Tom's arms.

Margo begs with Owen to let her go and she won't press charges, or even mutter a word, but instead Owen orders some guards to take Margo somewhere. When Margo asks her where they're going, he insists that she'll soon find out. Once inside a dark, cold room, Margo breaks down when she sees a dead man laying on a cold slab, whom Owen claims is Ben.

Will arrives at Barbara and James's in just enough time to avoid running into James. Barbara tells Will that she's sorry, but she had to do whatever she could to free Paul. Will rails his mother for not handing over his trust find like she had promised. Barbara makes an ultimatum to Will. He will gets his trust fund back if he does one last thing for her. Help her kill James...once and for all.


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