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Episode 88



April 24, 2006

Jennifer and Nick run into Dusty and Meg at Threadz. They ask Nick if there are any other plans for NewBreed Fashions to take over Worldwide, since Lily and Sierra seemed so edgy. Jennifer tells Dusty to buzz off after Nick promises that NewBreed only wanted Street Jeans, not Worldwide. Later, Meg boasts to Jennifer that Dusty is terrific in the sack and how much Jennifer must miss that. Jennifer, outraged, lunges at Meg.

Carly thanks Dr. Michaels for her time and promises to call if Jack should have another episode. Dr. Michaels assures Carly that in the long run, Jack will finally come to terms with his partner's death. Carly is taken back when Dr. Michaels asks if Carly ever thought of leaving town, in an effort to further ground Jack and get him to accept his partner's untimely death.

Holden and Lily discuss Worldwide. Lily fears that James is about to take over her mother's company and with reckless bandits constantly raiding Montega, Sierra will soon be forced to move back for a bit. Holden tells Lily that there is nothing that they can't handle together.

Katie and Mike argue over whether or not Mike is jealous of Katie and Henry's revived friendship. Mike insts that he is not jealous and that Katie should back out of the deal or someone could get hurt. Katie takes it as a threat to Henry and runs off to tell him. Henry scoffs at the idea but pleads with Katie to continue persuading Mike to let her help him open KATY since the opening is in June.


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