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Episode 86



April 20, 2006

Episode #0085


Maura West

Michael Park

Alexandra Chando

Mark Collier

Trent Dawson

Terri Colombino

Jennifer Landon

Jesse Lee Soffer

Jack runs his hands over his badge and briefly fantasizes about what life used to be like when everyone knew him as "the best cop in Oakdale". He then fantasizes a dead and decaying Dallas begging Jack to save him. Carly is confused by her husband's behavior and asks Dr. Michaels to come over.

Maddie runs over to Mike and Katie's and catches Mike on the way out. the two decide to call a truce and Mike leaves. While Mike is hustling Henry for ulterior motives in wanting Katie to help him with KATY, Katie confides in Maddie that she thinks Mike is jealous of how close Henry and she grew during Mike's absence.

Gwen and Will share a romantic dinner at Iris's. Gwen burns the food a bit, and they end up calling in some Chinese take-out. Gwen apologizes for being so immersed in school and work and knows Will's bsuy with school and his mother. Will complains that he still hasn't seen the slightest hint of Barbara giving him his trust fund back and sets off to confront his mother.


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