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Episode 85



April 19, 2006

After a steamy shower together, Dusty and Meg head off for work, but get no answers from Lucinda, Lily, or Sierra as to why they seem so edgy. Dusty privately tells Meg that something is wrong and they have to get to the bottom of it. Jessica and Curtis become very worried that they haven't heard anything from Margo. Curtis inists Jessica wait one more night before they call Tom. At the cult, Margo talks with Leah and learns that there is an old door in the room that she unlocked one time and tried to escape, but there were guards on the other side. Margo, knowing that she will probably die here, prays to God to save herself, Ben, Leah, and Leah's husband. In California, Lisa pleads to Nadine to tell her all that she knows about Roxie. Nadine, a naturally spunky and sarcastic woman, begs Lisa to leave her alone. Nadine refuses to return to Oakdale with Lisa, until Lisa offers to pay for Nadine's stay in Oakdale.


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