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Promo for The Week of Dec. 17-21




Announcer: This week on All the Days of Our Lives, Chelsea gets a stab in the back!

Clip of Chelsea, Kate and Adrianna in Kate's office.

Chelsea: Are you going to fire her, now?

Kate: I can't do that.

Chelsea slams the door, and leaves.

Announcer: And, Sami gets back to what she does best!

Sami: Destroy all evidence linking my mother to EJ's shooting, or I tell Hope.

Bo looks at Sami shocked.

Announcer: And, what can go wrong at a New Years Eve party?

Clips of Salemintes dancing, and having fun at a party.

Jeannie: Andrew, just shut up ok!

Andrew: Stop this!

Clip of Sami taking pictures of Bo and Billie kissing.

Clip of Hope holding her head.

Hope: Oh my god what the hell's going on?

Clip of Marleana taking out a gun.

Marleana: Uninvited guests should be dealt with.

She points her gun at Stefano!

Announcer: And the New Years Event that blows everyone into 2008!


A bomb goes off, as yells are heard!

Announcer: Lives are lost, secrets are uncovered, a plan goes wrong! This New Years Eve on All the Days of Our Lives, only on SONBC!


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