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Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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-Greta turns in shock to Nicole, and stands and asks what the HELL she is doing in Italy, and she should be back in Salem, and she has no business here! Nicole then says

Nicole: And what is YOUR business here, Greta? Chasing mommy around the world…or chasing daddy around the world?

Greta freezes in shock.

-Stefano and “Tony” are on the DiMera Jet as it continues to fly to its destination, and “Tony” comments he is glad this war can finally end, and Stefano says it started so much time ago, it is time for it to end. “Tony” asks Stefano why it even started in the first place, and he barely knows any details about what happened so many years ago between Stefano and Helena. Stefano says it was very interesting how their affair started:

During another meeting later in 1978 between Stefano and Helena at the DiMera Palace, they constantly negotiate Cassadine and DiMera resources handed over to the other.

“Mikkos is asking for so much of what I have to help with his machine…its time I get something in return.” Stefano tells Helena

“You will…in due time.” Helena assures him “However, if you wish to live you will give Mikkos and I what we need.”

“What did you say?!” Stefano bellows angrily as he stands up and stares at Helena with anger in his eyes and leans in to her face and hisses “Was that a threat?”

“No, it was a fact. Mikkos’s project, that he needs DiMera Empire help with, will do terrible things to this world…things that could very well kill you. If you wish to be safe, you will help us. If not you and your Empire will be gone in a few years.” Helena says with a smirk on her face

“If you need my Empire’s help, yet I don’t give it, that would mean you can’t finish your project.”

“That would be a minor obstacle we would overcome.”

Stefano laughs as he leans forward, and slowly caresses Helena’s cheek “You are a woman full of fire, Helena…one of the few women I have met who are like that; it is very enchanting.”

Helena suddenly jumps up and pulls out a gun and points it at Stefano “If you want to make some type of sexual move on me, you can forget it.” she snaps

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Roman, Marlena, Shane, Steve, Kayla, Anna, Allan, and Hattie arrive at the airport where a Basic Black private jet awaits them after Roman arranged it. Anna says she’s sure Tony is with Stefano, wherever she is, and that Stefano has probably got him brainwashed or being held captive. Steve says hopefully they can wrap this whole thing up at Stefano’s new hideout, and Kayla agrees. Roman promises them they will, and Marlena tells Roman she just checked her messages from Belle, and apparently because of all the drama she and Jan headed back to Salem. Roman then asks about Sami, and Shane says she has yet to be found.

-Sami walks into the small inn she hid EJ in, but runs into him in the hall way. She asks him in a low tone what he is doing outside of his room and he could get caught, but EJ tells her its time he leave Italy. He then says he got some type of note from his father telling him where the war would continue, and its time he take down his mother and father. He then asks:

EJ: Samantha…I still have access to the Cassadine private jets…would you like to come with me?

Sami: EJ, I…I…can’t…

EJ: The ISA is probably trying to arrest you as well, and you support my cause.. Please, come with me.

Sami: *sigh* Fine, I’ll go.

EJ smiles and takes her hand as they walk out of the inn.

-Greta looks at Nicole in shock and stands, and says coldly “I should have known. I should have known you would snoop around and get involved. I’m tired of you.” and then Greta tackles Nicole, and a catfight begins! Greta pulls Nicole’s hair but Nicole kicks Greta off of her, and she tells Greta its time this ends.

-Stefano grins at Helena and says “You do realize that if you murder me, you will never make it out of this palace unless in a body bag? Whatever the case, I will not lie, I do have an interest in you.”

Helena snorts and says “How pathetic. Don’t you have a ton of lovers stashed somewhere?”

“Doesn’t your husband?” Stefano shoots back

Helena slaps Stefano angrily, and Stefano says “That’s right…one of them you killed, the one he had a child with, if I am not wrong.”

“How do you know that?” Helena asks in shock

“I have my sources…now since Mikkos got to have his affair, don’t you want to have yours?” Stefano asks

Helena then thinks to herself inside her mind “This could be my chance…to make Mikkos pay for having an affair…and Stefano is my ticket to make it happen. This will make sure Mikkos never has another affair…”

Helena then suddenly jumps down on the desk and grabs Stefano’s collar, and begins to kiss him passionately, and Stefano then thinks to himself “That’s right, fall right into my web…now that I have you where I want you, soon I will get what I *truly* want…”

Stefano tells “Tony” it was such a complex situation, and at first just his scheme. “Tony” asked if he grew to care for Helena, and Stefano says:

Stefano: Do you really need to know that? However, that answer perhaps could be provided in due time…all in due time…but I do not want to keep focusing on the past. Now is the time to focus on the present, and the future.

Stefano and “Tony” then laugh evilly.

-Roman says to Shane if it wasn’t him that was leading the ISA on this one, he would go find Sami himself, but since he trusts Shane he’ll let him find her. Shane nods, and tells them he will be going to Stefano’s next hideout soon, there are just certain tactics he must plan with the ISA. They all nod at him and say goodbye, and soon they board the private jet and it takes off!

-EJ and Sami arrive at a Cassadine private jet and quickly board it, and while Sami sits down EJ goes to tell the pilot where to fly them. After he comes back out Sami says she thought he would have been banished by Helena from using any jets, but EJ says no and she keeps hoping he will come back to serve her so that’s most likely why she lets him use the jets. He goes on to say that if Sami would like to rest there is a bed in the back, and Sami then asks where he’s going to sleep then.

EJ: There.


EJ: Oh Samantha…we have already been spending so much time together for months…bonding, getting to know each other…and then back at that inn in Italy when we went to bed together…now, after all of that, I want you to make love to me…

Sami looks at EJ in shock as the screen fades to black…


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Interesting... Just now reading this series, and HELENA and STEFANO - NOW,thats a nice crossover; definitely will follow to see the outcome...

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Why didn't Stefano and Tony seach Helena b 4 they put her on the plane. Loved the back story though

You'll see in time...Stefano's got specific plans for Helena. ;)

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Constance Towers and Joseph Moscalo....that would be so amazing. I love how you brought these two together. Cannot wait to see what happens next!

Nice cliffhanger with EJ/Sami.

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