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-Greta is walking into the Italian hospital after hearing about Gina shooting herself, and she thinks to herself she has to face her mother here. She walks up to a nurse after seeing the secretary is gone, and asks the nurse which room Gina Von Amberg is in. Then nurse then says “I’m sorry ma’m, but Miss Amberg died earlier this evening.”

-Allan, Hattie, and Anna are at the Italian hospital. While Anna is being bandaged up by a nurse, she explains to Allan and Hattie what happened:

Anna: I was searching for Tony since he vanished earlier at the palace, but suddenly I saw him rush out of an alley chasing that Helena Cassadine woman, so I ran after him. I took a small shortcut and ended up running in front of him, and that’s when he stabbed me. I don’t know whats wrong with him lately. After that disaster at the ball at Chez Rouge he acted awfully strange and just ran off after kissing me, and then later he came back fine. Then in Aremid-

Allan: In Aremid what?

Anna stops for a moment, and then says:

Anna: Nothing…

-Hope’s face pales, and she looks at Bo in silence, and tries to think of something to say, but all she can say is “She…she is?” and Bo nods slowly, and Hope sighs, but then tells Bo softly she can’t even shed a tear.

-Roman walks over to Marlena and Shane and shows the letter to them, and Shane exclaims “He can’t be serious.” and Marlena just stares at the letter as she holds it, and then she yells out in anger and walks over to Stefano’s desk and begins to dig through the drawers, and finds a match. She then lights it and lets the flame touch the note, and tosses it into the fireplace as the note burns to a crisp…

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Greta’s eyes widen and she stumbles back in shock, and then asks:

Greta: What?! Didn’t she just get here?! I thought she was on life support, WHAT HAPPENED?!

Nurse: It seems somehow, her life support shut itself off. I’m terribly sorry.

Greta turns and sits down in a chair as the nurse walks off, and says:

Greta: No…I got her back and I didn’t even get to talk to her…about my paternity, what she did or anything…and now she’s gone again…what do I do now?

Suddenly Nicole walks up behind Greta, and says

Nicole: Leave Greta. Leave Italy and leave Salem behind, and never come back.

-As the nurse finishes bandaging Anna’s arm after using a kit to help heal the wound, Hattie bluntly says “You’re hiding something. I know it.” and Anna looks at Hattie and tells her to shut up, and Hattie says it looks like she is hiding something. Allan tells them both to just stop, and they can figure this all out later. The nurse tells Anna she is good to go, and the cut wasn’t too deep, she just should take it a little easy. Anna nods and Allan helps her up, and they leave the hospital. Hattie however thinks to herself she has to find out what Anna’s hiding.

-Bo nods slowly, and embraces Hope, and says he just thinks she should know. A single tear goes down Hope’s eyes as she hugs Bo, and she says she wants to go back to Salem, and the ISA and everyone else can handle Stefano and Helena. She says Gina’s been taken care of, that’s all she wanted, and so much has happened in the past months she just wants to be at home with her family and daughters. Bo agrees, and they decide its time for them to go home. They decide to go tell the rest and check out of the hotel, then head off.

-Roman storms out of the secret office and Marlena and Shane follow, and as they head back to the foyer of the mansion, Shane says that they’ll have to go to where Stefano is to stop him. Roman says that’s exactly what he plans to do, and Marlena agrees with Roman. Shane sighs and tells them to not get cocky, and he asks Roman if he’s sure he can take this, and Roman says he KNOWS he can. Marlena tells Shane that both she and Roman have been waiting to do this for so long, and Shane nods.

They head outside after reaching the foyer, where they see Anna, Allan, Hattie, Bo, and Hope approach. They all inform each other of what happened, and Marlena tells Anna she’s shocked about what happened with Tony. Anna nods, and then Bo says he and Hope are going to head out. Hope is mostly silent as she thinks about what to do, and then the group says goodbye to them. Bo and Hope leave, while Shane calls Steve and Kayla to tell them the news. Marlena hugs her husband, and she promises him she will be by his side when they face off with Stefano…

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This is building up to a nice payoff. I am intrigued with what is going on with Greta, because she still didn't get to see her mother.

Good work. :)

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