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Episode 78



April 10, 2006

Bob comes in to check on Hal and asks Susan why she’s here on her day off. Susan tells Bob that the best medicine is knowing your friends are by your side. Later, Susan is shocked when Bob shows her that a blood clot is forming near Hal’s heart.

Lucinda goes by the office to check on some mergers that are going through and is shocked to find James in her office. She threatens to call the police, but James says that as long as they’ve known one another, she should know by now that it wouldn’t do any good. Lucinda asks what James wants from her. At first, James insists that all he wants is proper congratulations from Lucinda on his recent marriage to Barbara. Lucinda says she pities poor Barbara’s soul and asks what James really wants. James then tells Lucinda that whether she likes it or not, he is the new head chairman at Worldwide.

Jennifer turns the tables and blames Nick for ever coming to town. She claims that if NewBreed hadn’t take over Street Jeans, then everything would’ve been normal. Nick goes to leave, but is surprised when Jennifer grabs him and starts passionately kissing him and ripping off his clothes. Nick asks Jennifer if this is what she wants and she says yes. The two then have wild, raunchy sex on Jennifer’s desk.

Katie tells Mike that after he left, she and Henry reconnected and have since then decided to open a TV station together. With a Valentine’s Day Bachelor auction/fundraiser and the money gained from selling the gym, there was more than enough money to proceed with their plan. Mike is outraged and tells a distraught Katie that she has lost her mind.


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