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Promo #3



HELEN WAGNER: Next week on the World Of Oakdale...

IPB Image

ANNOUNCER: How far will one woman go...

*clip of Margo standing outside the door of the cult house and Owen opening the door*

MARGO: I want to join your organization.

OWEN: Welcome, my child.

ANNOUNCER: ....to help a friend re-gain the love she lost?

*clips of Jessica breaking down as Curtis comforts her*

JESSICA: He can't be gone. She has to save him.

CURTIS: (under his breath) I just hope it's not too late.

*clips of Margo watching through a door as people drink out of cups and start gagging*

MARGO: Where IS he?

*Someone taps Margo on the shoulder and Margo turns around*

MARGO: Oh my god....It's you!


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