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Episode 79



April 11, 2006

Lisa goes to Tom and informs him that Roxie is in fact his niece. Though Tom is a bit surprised, he too agrees that Lisa is being a little too harsh when it comes to Roxie. Lisa asks Tom to do some more research on Roxie and find out what he can about her….everything from her childhood ‘til now. Alone, Roxie hopes that Lisa doesn’t get too close to her past and makes a phone call.

Back in Milltown, Carly lectures Jack no what suicide would do to their family. Jack insists that he never even though about it and the gun just simply needed polisihing. Carly doesn't buy it and orders Jack to go see a grief counselor. Jack insists to his wife that he is fine and all he needs is some alone time. Carly retorts that his partner was killed in the line of duty and his best friend/boss is laying in the ICU suffering from heart problems and just survived a near fatal heart attack. He is NOT fine.

John explains that being in that retirement home started making him feel old, so he opted to return home and asks how his son returned to Oakdale. Andy explains that he and Emily are now a couple and Emily stares John down, inwardly threatening him to just say one negative thing and she'll clock him. Surprisingly, John congratulates Andy on finally finding love and begins to help his son get the car started again.

Maddie finds Heath at the library and sarcastically asks him why he ran off so quickly the other night after breaking her heart and tearing her feelings to shreds. Heath apologizes for his recent behavior and says that he knows she and Luke will be happy together. Maddie, a bit baffled, asks Heath to explain.


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