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Episode 80



April 12, 2006

Tom meets up with Lisa and asks what took him so long. Tom debates on telling his mother the news that he learned from his P.I. friend but Lisa eventually forces it out of him. Tom reveals that Roxie's maternal grandmother is still alive and well and living in Orange Beach, California. He tells Lisa that they tried to contact her, but she never returned their calls. Lisa stuns her son when she concludes that the only way to find Roxie's maternal grandmother and learn the truth is if she does it herself.

Margo returns to the cult house and tells Owen that she only has a few dollars to her name but insists on joining the cult. Owen escorts her to her room, but later sneaks out when she hears a strange noise. Thinking it might be Ben, Margo ivestigates and soon finds a peephole in a locked door down the hall.

Katie tells Mike that the last time she checked, he wasn't her husband and he has no right to say what she can or can't do. Katie quickly takes it back, but Mike storms out. Henry pops in and finds a crying Katie on the couch. Still unaware that Mike has returned and not noticing Katie's emotional state, Henry babbles on and on about the station and how he thinks he has a way to lure Stephen back. He's cut short, though, when Katie screams at him to stop it. She isn't going to be helping him anymore.

Dusty returns and finds Meg wearing her skimpy outfit. He begins to make love to her, but is interrupted by a knock at the door. Dusty is ecstatic to find John on the other end of the door and John takes notice of Meg being in the room and scantily clad. He states that so much has changed since he first came to Oakdale, but jokes that the women have always stayed the same...hot as hell.


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