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Due to heavy storms in my area and the fact that my power has been on and off for the past 2 hours, it's been hard trying to get today's episode ready to post. Rather then not letting our fans know ahead, I am choosing to make a preemptive strike. Today's episode of Salem Lives will not be posted tonight. We will follow the schedule we did last week in that Friday's episode will be posted tomorrow night and this week's SL INSIDER and promo will be posted Sunday night. After that, everything will be good. We apologize for the inconvenience. This summer has been a mess for me with storms, outages, and so on and I just know, judging by the lightning outside my window, I am going to lose power again due to the pattern I am used to :lol: . Just wanted to be considerate and thought letting readers know ahead would help so no one missed this BIG episode. Thanks for understanding. DON'T FORGET TO READ FRIDAY'S EPISODE AND NEXT WEEK'S INSIDER AND PROMO THIS WEEKEND!! :)


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