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Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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-At the Salem police station, Chelsea is in the interrogation room handcuffed. Hope comes in, shocking Chelsea. Chelsea asks what she is doing there. Hope explains that she wanted to say goodbye to her in private, given their situation. Chelsea understands.

Hope: I know it's been hard. Keeping this secret and having to lie like this. I just think it's...

Chelsea: For the best right now? I know. The family has been through enough.

Hope: I just regret that Bo and Billie are thinking of you as their daughter when your mine and I can't even tell anyone, let alone act as a mother to you.

Chelsea: It's ok. Really...

Hope: Wow...you really have grown up. The "old" Chelsea would be upset.

Chelsea: Yeah, well, life changes you. It's been a rough year and a half and I had no choice but to grow up.

Hope (smiling): Well, I must say I am proud of you.

Chelsea: You shouldn't be.

Hope: Yes, I should. You straightened yourself out and you are taking responsibility for your actions. You are doing everything right and I am proud of you for it. Doesn't a mother have a right to be proud?

Chelsea: Yes. But mom I...

Hope (smiling): Mom? That is the first time you ever called me that. Of course, with us keeping our secret and not seeing each other much...

Chelsea: Yeah. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to...

Hope: No. It's fine. Say it again.

Chelsea (smiling): Mom...

Hope: It's nice...hearing my daughter call me "Mom."

Chelsea begins to tear up. Hope gets emotional looking at her.

Chelsea: Love...that's all I wanted my whole life. Now, I have it. Love from my family, including one that thinks they are my family, and love from my real mother. We've come a long way, haven't we?

Hope: Yep. Sure have. Who knew we would ever get along?

Chelsea: I'm glad we are and I'm glad your my mother. Billi is great but...

Hope: You feel the connection...the connection between mother and daughter. It's what we both have, Chelsea.

Hope then hears people coming and figures it's the rest of the family.

Hope: I hate to rush this but we have to make this quick.

Hope puts her arms around Chelsea as they both begin to break down.

Hope: Be strong and remember we all love you. I love you...

Chelsea: I think...that's a first too.

Hope: I believe it is.

Chelsea: Well, let me add a first. I love you too, mom.

Hope (smiling): Well said.

Chelsea: Thanks. You'll all keep in touch, right?

Hope: Yes. I will let you know what happens with Jack and Billie. We'll find them.

Chelsea (nodding): Well, I guess it's goodbye.

Hope: I hate this. We have already lost so much time and now we will be losing more.

Chelsea: We''ll make up for it. I'll be fine. God, I have to keep saying that or I will lose it.

Hope: Your my daughter. A Horton. Your made of the strong stuff. You'll make it.

Chelsea: Thanks but...I'm so...scared.

Hope: That's natural. We'll all be praying for you and thinking about you. We'll call, write, visit...we won't forget you. We would never...do that.

Chelsea: I'm glad we had the chance to talk before I left. Just hearing you say you were proud of me and that you love me...

Hope: And you calling me "Mom." I guess we both made each other happy.

Chelsea embraces Hope as they hold on to each other for what seems like an eternity.

Chelsea: I'll miss you all...

Hope: I know. We'll miss you too.

Chelsea: I love you, mom.

Hope: Love you too, sweetheart. Just be strong, ok?

Chelsea nods as Bo walks in and asks what is going on.

-On the island, Jack is roaming around and comes across a small waterfall. He marvels at it and then notices Billie a short distance nearby, overlooking the waterfall. Jack walks over to you and mentions he has been looking for her. Billie says nothing. Jack asks if she is giving him the silent treatment now.

Billie: Yes.

Jack: That didn't last long.

Billie: You know what? Why can't you just open up to me? Confirm to me what we talked about before. Your pushing me away because your afraid, just like you did with Jennifer. Your afraid to hurt me, you think your unworthy...come on, Jack. It's obvious. You confessed your feelings to me on the ship and there is no way you would lie to me.

Jack: Billie...

Billie grabs Jack's face and looks him in the eyes.

Billie: I want the truth. I wandered around this island for so long, thinking about you and wondering what I could do to convince you. I came up with nothing but, let me say, if you can't at least be honest with me, I want nothing to do with you. I can't be friends with someone who can't be honest.

Jack: But, Billie...

Billie: NO!! Damnit, Jack. You play hero on the high seas but, when it comes to feelings and opening up, you just shut down. I was afraid to admit my feelings to you for so long because I had been hurt in the past. Being on death's door forced me to confess my feelings but I am taking a risk now and putting my heart...my feelings...everything on the line. For you. For a chance for us. Life is full of risks, Jack. We can't fear them our whole life. We have to take a chance and hope for the best. Otherwise, you may never...

Jack: What is this about you taking a risk? You haven't done anything. All that is a bunch of romantic mumbo...whatever.

Billie: Oh, please.

Jack: You make it sound like you rode a bike with Evil Caneval. Now that is a risk. Not some...

Billie: Yeah, ok! Why don't you show me a risk right now by taking one?

Jack: No thanks.

Billie: Your scared. What a chicken.

Billie begins to cluck as Jack watches, rolling his eyes.

Jack: Very mature.

Billie: Don't pull that on me. You started this by saying that I didn't...

Jack: I simply think you haven't risked anything yet and I don't plan to risk anything myself so...

Billie: You are as stubborn as they come. What will it take...wait, what would qualify as a big risk to you?

Jack: I don't want to...

Billie: Just answer me.

Jack: I don't know...gambling alot of money, something dangerous...

Billie (looking down the waterfall): Hmm...I will make you a deal. If I do something that fits your qualifications as a risk and I see it all the way through, then you open up to me about everything your feeling. Got it?

Jack: I...

Billie: It's fair, Jack.

Jack: Hmm...fine. But, you must see it all the way through.

Billie: Don't worry. I plan to.

Billie smiles as she turns and then jumps off the cliff and down into the waterfall as a stunned Jack watches. He screams Billie's name, asking if she is alright. Billie surfaces from underwater and says she is fine. She tells Jack to come on down. The water is great. Jack refuses and thinks she is nuts. Billie says she took a risk and now he has to pay up on his debt. Jack asks if he can get out of the original deal by diving off the cliff and down into the waterfall. Billie shakes her head but Jack reminds her of how dangerous this is. Billie doesn't care but, just then, Jack picks up speed and jumps off the cliff and into the waters below.

Billie gets hit by Jack's splash. Jack resurfaces and tells Billie they are even. Billie says they are not even as he needs to fulfill their first deal as they never shook on his deal. Jack says he isn't doing something he doesn't want to do, regardless of the circumstances. Billie asks what is wrong with him. Jack doesn't answer and simply swims away and returns to dry land. Billie follows and begs Jack not to run away from her...or his feelings.

Meanwhile, in a small country Inn in Europe, a young man (Christian Bale) is sitting at a desk by the window of what appears to be a first class, luxurious room. He is hard at work writing in a black book when a woman (Finola Hughes) knocks and then enters.

Woman: I hate to interrupt but there is an emergency and we must go.

Man: Excuse me?

Woman: I have a helicopter waiting. We have a mission to go on, son.

Man: Mission? What's going on, mother?

Woman: Nothing. Just grab a jacket and some...

Man: Secretive again, eh? I guess that's just your nature.

Woman: We don't have time to waste. Just come on...

Man: Tell me where we are going!

Woman: I'm your mother, Alexander. Can't you just...

Man: Come? No, mother. I am sick of the secrets. Just let me know what is gong on.

Woman: You'll see. Please, just humor me.

Man: Fine but, on one condition.

Woman: Yes...

Man: That you are honest with me from this point on. Understand?

Woman: I've tried and...

Man: Keep trying.

Woman: Fine. Fine. Can we go now?

Man: Yep, as long as you remember our condition.

Woman: I will. Don't you worry. Now, let's go. Time is precious.

The woman races out with the young man, Alexander, right behind her.

Back at the police station, family and friends have now gathered to say goodbye to Chelsea. Kate embraces Chelsea and promises to call, write, and visit. Chelsea thanks her and says she is a great grandmother. Kate thanks her for that, especially with everything happening in her life. Chelsea tells Kate that it will all work out. She just needs to be strong, like she usually us. Kate tells Chelsea to take her own advice because it's what is best for her. Chelsea nods, saying she will follow that principle if Kate does. Kate says she will and then tells Chelsea they will do this together, even if she is going to be away They embrace once more. Kate tells Chelsea she loves her and she tells Kate the same.

Meanwhile, Bo asks Hope why she was so upset when he arrived. Hope says she hates seeing Chelsea go through this after she finally got her life in order. She tells Bo they were talking about how she has changed and it's just a shame this happened. She also tells Bo she told Chelsea she was proud of her for taking responsibility for her actions. Bo assures Hope she probably made her a very happy young woman today. Hope smiles. Bo goes over to say goodbye but not before getting a comforting hug and kiss from Hope. Bo thanks her and goes over to Chelsea.

Hope then notices Steve sneak out of the room while Kayla is with Caroline saying their goodbyes to Chelsea. Hope notices how suspicious Steve looks and, recalling the conversation with Tony she heard between them earlier concerning Maison Blanche and his going there. she decides to see what he is up to. She eavesdrops on him when she sees him making a phone call. Steve tells the person on the phone and says he needs one ticket...for the first flight out to New Orleans!! Hope is stunned and wonders what is going on with him.

Later, Carrie (who is holding Evan) and Belle say goodbye to Chelsea, along with Marlena. Julie, Alice, Maggie, and Victor say their goodbyes. Victor apologizes for not doing more but assures Chelsea that Stefano will pay for his interference. Chelsea thanks him. Forrest wheels Abby over and wishes Chelsea luck. Abby and Chelsea tearfully embrace. They admit they will miss each other. Chelsea begs Abby to be careful and to listen to those who care about her. Abby tells Chelsea she doesn't want tension right now. Chelsea agrees but begs Abby to at least listen. Abby nods in approval. Chelsea also tells Abby to let her know if her father and her mother is found. Abby says she will.

Max and Stephanie then come over to say goodbye to Chelsea. Chelsea begs both of them to help Abby and to do their best to get Forrest out of her life. Max says he will. Frankie and Greta then walk over to say their goodbyes as Doug walks in. He gives Julie a cold look and then approaches Chelsea to say goodbye.

Meanwhile, Marlena is asking Bo if he has heard from Roman. Bo says he hasn't. Marlena turns her back in disgusted, wondering what Roman is up to now. Victor comes over and tells Bo that his people are still out looking and they have nothing. Steve interjects and thinks that Roman is nearby since it's the last place they would look. Bo thinks that is a good point and then asks Victor if he has enough manpower since he has many of hus men acting as guards to their loved ones. Victor says he has plenty of help and that it will be fine.

The scene then shifts to Kate, who is in a corner away from everyone. not wanting to start trouble. She then looks outside the door and catches a glimpse of something or someone shocking. She sneaks out of the room and into the police station hallway. Kate ends up in the main lobby and is shocked when the person or thing that caught her eye is standing right in front of her.

The camera then pans around to show a woman's shoes. The camera then pans up to reveal MIRANDA GREY!! Miranda smiles, saying she was hoping Kate would see her when she strutted herself by the interrogation room. She knew she would be present for Chelsea. Kate says she is always there for her children and grandchildren. Miranda laughs and says that's rich coming from the cold hearted bitch that abandoned all of her family and friends to become the fine piece of work she is now...a mother who tries to control her children's lives but only manages to ruin their lives and, in some cases, kill them. Miranda clearly strikes a nerve in Kate, who hauls off and slaps Miranda!

Back in the interrogation room, Bo walks over to Chelsea and embraces her. He tells her to be strong and that he will come visit and stay in touch. Chelsea thanks him for being a great dad. She says she will miss him. She begins to cry as Bo's eyes well with tears too. He tells her she will be fine. He will make sure of it. He kisses her on the cheek and tells her to be the strong girl he knows she is. She nods.

An officer shows up to take her out to the squad car that will take her to the mental hospital. As she is about to leave, Bo tells her he is proud of the woman she is becoming. Chelsea smiles and looks at both Bo and Hope. She tells them she loves them and then says she loves everyone in the room and thanks them all for being there. She says goodbye one last time as she is escorted out the door while everyone watches. Forrest comforts Abby, angering Max. Bo and Hope comfort each other.

Steve watches Chelsea escorted down the hallway and then sneaks out of the room. He catches up to Chelsea and the officer and asks the officer for one minute. He embraces Chelsea, confusing her. She asks him what is wrong, noticing the tears in his eyes. Steve tells her she will be ok. Everything will be ok. She just needs to be strong and she will get through this. Chelsea nods and tells Steve goodbye. He grabs her arm and then whispers in her ear:

Steve: I may know who your father is. I am going to look into it and I promise to let you know when I know anything.

Chelsea is stunned and asks:

Chelsea: Do you know about...

Steve (whispering): Yes...I know about Hope being your mom. Your secret is safe with me. Just keep my investigation on the down low.

Chelsea: Why do you...

Steve: Shh...whisper!!

Officer: We have to go...and I don't like all this whispering.

Chelsea (whispering): It's ok, officer. I'm not plotting an escape or anything. Why are you doing this, Steve? Why do you care?

Steve: I have my reasons. That is all you need to know. Goodbye, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Bye.

The officer escorts Chelsea down the hallway and out the main entrance as Steve watches. He wipes tears from his eyes and says:

Steve: I will find out, Chelsea. Not just for you but for me...and for Hope. I need answers. We all do. I think New Orleans is the place to get them.

Steve is unaware that Hope is right behind him and has overheard the whole thing just as Bo and Kayla walk up behind her, asking if she is ok. Hope turns and freezes as Steve turns and asks what is going on. The scene then freezes on Hope and then fades to black.



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I'm very interested in how Miranda & Kate know each other. I like the connection. Jack & Billie were spot on! I love their reltionship! It's lighthearted & perfect for them. You write them so well, its spot on!

I liked Hope & chelsea coming to terms. They worked well to get to tht place. I acn't wait to see Hope & Bo find out about her paternity.

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