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August 23, 2007




- Lucas is standing at the window at Roberts INC, staring out into the warm night air. He has his hands in his pockets as he drifts off in thought. These thoughts are always about the same thing.......


At that moment, someone warmly hugs him from behind. He jumps back and then turns to see Joelle. He asks her what the hell does she think she’s doing sneaking up on someone like that. She says she’s sorry but the air conditioner made her blouse stick out and knows he felt that when she hugged him. Lucas walks away from her and tells her to get a grip, to which she replies that that was exactly what she was trying to do. Lucas calmly tells her that she is a very beautiful woman and he is very flattered but he just lost someone who meant more than anything to him. And right now, he’s nowhere near ready for anything like that.

Joelle tells him that she doesn’t want his mind right now. That can come later. She just wants his body. Lucas stares at her in shock, saying that there is no way he’ll do that in his office. She reminds him that some of the best deals ever made happened just like that in an office somewhere. Lucas knows that but all he wants is her to slam the brakes on and go find a cold shower somewhere. She grows silent as he turns and walks out of his office. She stands there, looking at his backside as he leaves, and promises to herself that she will make him forget all about Ms. Samantha Brady........

And soon. She smiles at the thought of her next move as she leaves his office.

-At the majestic Winters Hotel in downtown Salem, Cal walks in with Katherine trailing right behind him. Cal hasn’t spoken a word since learning of Katherine’s job offer and all he can say is....

Cal: So, was I supposed to know about this or were you just going to keep this to yourself?

Katherine: (closing the door) Dammit, what did you expect me to do? All you worry about is why the Brady's have kept you out of everything.......or so you think. And then I was supposed to hit you with this?

Cal: Yes! You were supposed to be honest with me.

Katherine: But you can’t even be honest with yourself. You still think of them as your family. And they think of you the very same way.

Cal: (turning his back) Uh, no they don’t.

Katherine: (hugging Cal from behind) Yes, they do, babe. But what you need to understand is that so much has happened to them....and us. I know you feel so badly about Eric and Sami........

Cal: I feel like my two kids are gone......and that I couldn’t do anything to protect them. And then (turning around), when I go to them and offer my support.....

Katherine: They seem to turn their backs on you, right?

Cal: (wiping tears from his eyes) Yeah. Yeah, right. That’s how I feel.

Katherine: And that’s how you’re supposed to feel. Always be honest to yourself about your feelings. That is the best way you can heal. And remember something else.

Cal: Yeah?

Katherine: That you have a family right here.........me. And you also have a family out there that doesn’t know what happened to you. Being a Toscano will take up a lot of your time and I feel, personally, that you need to find those answers.

Cal: You’re right, lady. (kissing her gently) I think it just may be time for us to spread our wings. And...........since I’m the head of the Toscano Family now..........

Katherine: That brings a lot of wealth and power. You can do a lot of good, Cal.

Cal: With you by my side.........how can I fail?

They both smile at each other. They kiss gently and hold each other closely. As they start to make their way to their bed, there is a knock at the door. A flustered Katherine sits on the bed as Cal goes and answers the door. When he opens it, his bodyguard, Angelica, asks if he’ll be needing anything else tonight. Katherine stands up and walks over to Cal, draping herself over him, and Cal looks back at Katherine, saying to Angelica...

Cal: I think I have...........everything I want for this evening. Goodnight.

All Angelica can do is smile as Cal slowly closes the door. Angelica then casually saunters down the hallway to her bedroom.

-Later that evening, at the Pub, Cal and Katherine walk in hand and hand. The family smiles and hugs both Cal and Katherine, with Caroline asking what is going on. Cal looks at Katherine and then back at the Brady's, announcing that they are leaving Salem........and moving to San Francisco. Caroline, Bo, Hope, Steve, Kayla, Roman and Marlena are shocked. Bo tells him first they lost Kimberly and Shane, now Cal and Katherine? Roman says it isn’t right for the family to be splitting up like this. Cal slowly walks over to Roman and asks him if he really means that. Roman looks at him and tells Cal that as far as he’s concerned, he has two brothers. Bo.......and Cal. Both men shake on it and Cal tells Roman to make sure he watches out for the family.........or Roman will answer to him. Roman makes him that promise, telling him if he ever needs anything.......his Brady family is just a phone call away.

Katherine is crying now as Kayla gives her a handkerchief and they both laugh. Caroline tells Katherine to watch after her boy for her. She then starts telling him what he likes to eat and says she’ll send all of her recipes to San Francisco so that she won’t forget. They all laugh again as Hope walks over to her and tells her........that the best thing she ever did in her life was to find such a splendid man as Cal. She tells Katherine that she saved his life and Hope, personally, will be forever grateful for that. Caroline steps up and says they all will. At that moment, Bo's phone rings. He takes the call in private, A short time later, he returns and announces it's time to say goodbye to Chelsea.

The mood turns grim as Caroline says they need to get everyone together. Steve says that he wishes he had more time to get to know her. Hope looks at Steve strangely. Kayla catches these looks and looks at Steve, wondering what he meant by that. Bo says they better get on over there and call the others on the way. They don't have much time before the transfer. Everyone begins to get ready to leave the Pub, leaving Cal and Katherine standing by the door. They look at each other and silently decide to leave. As they walk out the door, Cal looks back through the window at the family that was once his.

Then he stares at Roman............and just shakes his head. Katherine takes him by the arm and they both walk off into the night.

-Roman gets a phone call and separates form the group. Marlena watches him as he speaks softly. He shakes his head and, when Marlena starts to sneak up on him, Roman can feel her presence and abruptly ends the call. He then turns around and asks her.........

Roman: What the hell?!

Marlena: And who was that?

Roman: Nobody, ok?

Marlena: Ok, my ass. You kill me with this. Like I don’t have the right to ask you what is going on.

At that moment, Bo sees that Marlena and Roman are arguing and he places a phone call to Victor. He tells him that he is on his way over and he’ll be bringing someone along. Victor asks if this person can be trusted. Bo says that if having a patch over his eye is any indication, that should be all he needs. Victor grows silent for a few moments and then tells Bo to bring Steve along. But......to make it quiet. Nobody need know of their plans. Bo and Victor hang up and then Bo nods at Steve. Bo and Steve then say their goodbyes as Hope and Kayla ask where they are going. Bo says that Steve just agreed to help him with something, that’s all. They’ll both be very careful.

Bo kisses Hope on the cheek and Steve does the same with Kayla as both women watch the men take off into the night. Then, at that moment, they turn to see Marlena trying to convince Roman not to leave........

Marlena: This damn revenge thing of yours is going to get you killed.

Roman: Well........my life.

Marlena: Don’t get flippant with me, sir.

Roman looks at Marlena, knowing he just made a mistake.........

Marlena: (Pointing at Roman) How many more people do we have to lose? Do you know the HELL I went through when I thought you were dead? Huh?! Do you?!

Roman: But I came home, Doc. I’m right here, ok?

Marlena: But for how long? A week? A month? Tell me, cop!

Roman: Dammit, woman.........I don’t know that.

The family looks at the couple as Roman looks into Marlena’s eyes and tells her.....

Roman: I have to do this. I just.........I just have to.

Roman then turns and walks briskly out the door as Marlena chases after him. Hope, Kayla and Caroline stop her, telling her that now is not the time. Hope tells her Roman has to work through this so he can come back to her. Marlena hopes she’s right because if she isn’t.........

She can’t bear the thought of burying the only man she’s ever truly loved.

-At the Kiriakis Mansion, Bo and Steve walk into the huge study room. Victor is sipping brandy and asks Steve if he would like some. Steve’s only reply is......

Steve: No. Not right now, Vic.

Victor: Fine. I guess we can get down to business.

Steve: Good. By the way........have you heard from my sister? How’s she and “Dimples”?

Victor: (Laughing) That sense of humor. I did miss it. They are all doing fine.

Steve: (Sitting on the couch) Good to hear. You know, even though he’s your nephew.......he still ended up alright.

Bo: And me, Steve?

Steve: Oh, Bo. You were always the cat’s meow to me, bro.

Bo: Good to hear.

Victor pulls out a huge map. A map of a structure. They go over the plans that Victor and Bo talked about earlier. Nico walks in and joins the small group, asking Victor if it's alright to speak in front of Steve. Victor says for now........yes. Nico tells both Victor and Bo that things are moving along smoothly. They are in constant contact with their operatives, especially the person Bo has been speaking with. Everything is taking shape. Victor says excellent. Bo agrees. Steve asks what is going on. Victor tells him........

Victor: All in due time, Steve. I always keep my plans close to the vest. Makes it safer for everyone.

Steve: You got it, Vic.

Victor: And now, if you’ll excuse us......

Victor and Nico leave to go talk privately. Bo and Steve pick up some pool cues and start to play a game. Steve tells Bo that he still hasn’t paid him the $5 bucks he owes him for that game in the Carribean. Bo smiles, saying that he thinks he can afford it now. Steve smiles as well but then he turns serious, asking Bo.....

Steve: You really in that deep with your old man?

Bo: Deep? How?

Steve: Well, it wasn’t too long ago you couldn’t stand him. All that stuff in Miami.....remember that? And all that business with Carly Manning?

Bo: Well, I was a different person then.

Both men smile......

Bo: And I’d like to think I’ve gotten used to some different ways of thinking. Victor is right about one thing, though........your enemies must bleed. And bleed heavily. Stefano and Orpheus have gotten away with too much. They want blood.......that’s what I’m prepared to show them. And a lot of it.

Steve: I’ll drink to that, bro.

Both men pour two glasses of brandy and then toast one another before downing the drinks in one gulp. Victor then walks back into the room, announcing.........

Victor: Well, gentlemen. It seems that your brother, Roman, has went off on some fool’s errand. Bo......you might have to bring him in. His anger is wonderful for the war we are fighting but I can’t have anything happen to him. Caroline would never forgive me.

Bo: Is this the same man who ordered him shot at the New Year’s Ball?

Victor: Yes. Yes, it is. It’s also the same man who knows what losing a child does to you. He’s lost two children. Tell me......how did you feel when Zack died?

Bo is silent as he stares at his father......

Victor: Exactly. Find him, gentlemen. And reel him in............

Before he does something that may destroy us all.

The scene then goes from Steve...........to Bo...........and stops at Victor, before freeze framing on his face, and slowly going black.




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