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EPISODE 12 (7/31)



(The screen turns white and the town of Somerset is drawn line by line on the screen, as the music swells to its climax)

This... is Somerset.


The overhead shot of Washington D.C. appears once again, with the word "Washington" below. We see Nick walking along a city street, presumably back to his hotel room. All of a sudden he stops. He's by the Potomac River and he looks out onto the water.

The scene is mostly done in silence. Nick remembers back to earlier that night and the encounter at the bar with the young woman. Nick smiles and recalls how she whispered in his ear and ran her fingernails down his arm. We also see the young woman laughing and flinging her red hair back.

NICK: (Shaking his head) Barclay, you blew it. You blew it, my boy.

(Almost on cue, the skies open up with a light rain, and Nick gets a bit drenched by the water)

NICK: (Looking up) I know, I know. All that's missing is the umbrella and Gene Kelly. (Walking forward) Only I'm not singing. Or smiling.

(Nick walks out of camera range, and the camera pulls back as the picture fades to black. The Somerset logo reappears)

Somerset. Brought to you today by the moist, delicious desserts made by Duncan Hines... and by Original Formula Mr. Clean. Cleans your whole house and everything that's in it.


The same rain that is falling in Washington is also falling in Somerset, although the two cities are several hours away. Susannah is on the front step of her house, watching the lightning far away. We see a car coming down the street and it stops in front of Susannah's house. At first Susannah thinks it's Patrick, but then she sees it's Giovanni carrying a dish.

GIOVANNI: Buongiorno, Miss Lucas. You selected a good location for your house. You're just several doors down from us.

SUSANNAH: Giovanni! Come on in out of the rain. Let me guess. (Takes dish and sets it on kitchen table) Mom and Dad wanted you to make a care package for me?

GIOVANNI: Between myself and Jack Martin, you'll be fine with people looking in after you. Are you enjoying Somerset so far?

SUSANNAH: Well, everyone's so nice here. I don't recall a lot about Somerset when I lived here with Mom and Dad, but I know later in life they were ever so glad to get the heck out of here and start over in Oklahoma.

GIOVANNI: And I bet they were ever so surprised when they brought you back here and they saw how much this community had changed. Downtown's much bigger than it was, the cannery is torn down...

SUSANNAH: I know. I did some research at the library today and I went over some past copies of the Register. I wanted to get to know my future boss a bit better. What is in that dish, by the way? It smells heavenly.

GIOVANNI: Rose's spaghetti and meatballs recipe.

SUSANNAH: I'll be sure to have it for lunch tomorrow. Wow, that is powerful stuff. Want a drink for the road?

GIOVANNI: Surprise me with whatever you've got.

SUSANNAH: Here, catch. (Goes to fridge and gets out pop can for herself and for Giovanni, throwing one over there)

GIOVANNI: I might need you on our restaurant softball team.

SUSANNAH: (Laughs) You're the second person trying to recruit my services.

GIOVANNI: Well, Jack's company doesn't have a softball team...

SUSANNAH: No. Patrick Kurtz at Somerset Hospital.

GIOVANNI: Ah yes. Stan and Teri's son. Good kid. Back to Jack... are you having second thoughts about your boss?

SUSANNAH: No, no. Not at all. (Sips pop) In fact, I'm looking forward to my first day at Martin Enterprises.

GIOVANNI: Jack is looking forward to having you on staff. He wants to bolster his legal presence in Somerset so he can go forward with the big project.

SUSANNAH: Yeah... what do you know about the big project?

GIOVANNI: You've come to the wrong place. I don't know a thing. Yet, anyway. We keep pressuring Jack to reveal some of his plans, but he doesn't want to do it yet.

SUSANNAH: He'll have to soon.

GIOVANNI: (Checks his watch) I better get home before Rose wonders where I am. Enjoy the pasta and if you feel like a home-cooked meal anytime, our kitchen is always open. We're just down and off Kemmer Road on Harriman Circle.

SUSANNAH: I will do just that. (Walks Giovanni back to the door) Have a good night.

GIOVANNI: Ciao, Miss Lucas. (Walks back to his car)

SUSANNAH: (Smells pasta dish) No, Susannah. Have it tomorrow. It'll keep. (She puts it away in the refrigerator and shuts out the downstairs light before heading upstairs)

The music builds and the scene changes to Giovanni's, where the bar is still open and Mike is sharing a drink with Alana.

ALANA: Wagner, I didn't intend on staying here as long as I did, but I gotta say thanks for the evening of enjoyment.

MIKE: You're welcome. (Takes a swallow of beer) My original invitation was for coffee, but I figured I might see you here.

ALANA: Well, just so you know... I'm not really in the market for a long-term person in my life. Not yet, anyway.

MIKE: Hey, I didn't say anything about long-term. I'm just glad I finally got you out of the nurses' gear and into more relaxed clothes.

ALANA: We put a long day in at the hospital. I'm bushed, and I'm going home to bed.

MIKE: Need an escort home? Are you OK to drive?

ALANA: Of course I am, silly. I just had two beers and I drank slowly.

MIKE: Just remembering what was in the Register recently.

ALANA: Oh... the motorbike accident. Don't worry. That driver wasn't drunk either. But I appreciate the offer of an escort.

MIKE: (Stands up) Well then, have a good night. (Takes Alana's hand and softly kisses it)

ALANA: Flattery will get you nowhere, Wagner. (Smiles) But it was fun. See ya at the hospital soon.

MIKE: Hopefully just checking on a story. (Alana leaves as he sits back down)

Mike smiles and finishes his beer, while outside the bar Alana looks in, gets a small grin on her face and takes off for her car. The music builds and the picture fades to black.

We'll return to Somerset in just a moment.


At the Petterino house, Giovanni and Rose are on the front porch, snuggled up and listening to the thunder.

GIOVANNI: I can't believe Tori went to bed so early.

ROSE: She didn't turn in until after 11. She had a hard day today.

GIOVANNI: She loves it, and you know it.

ROSE: Ahh, I see. So how did Susannah enjoy her care package?

GIOVANNI: Well, she's going to eat it tomorrow. I'll let you know when she tells me.

ROSE: Good to have another neighbor to know.

GIOVANNI: Yeah. She reminds me a lot of Annabella. That feisty attitude...

ROSE: Definitely. (Sighs) I can't wait for Annabella to come home.

GIOVANNI: It will be soon, my love. Soon.

Giovanni and Rose share a lingering kiss as the scene abruptly changes to Susannah's bedroom.

As the thunder and lightning continue, we see Susannah tossing and turning in bed. It is obvious from the scene that she is having some sort of nightmare. Finally, she bolts upright with a scream.

SUSANNAH: (Breathing fast and hard, looking around) You're in Somerset, Susannah. Far, far away.

The camera pulls back and instead of the music, we hear the noise of rainfall and Susannah's breathing returning to normal. The picture fades to black and then the Somerset credits roll.

Join us each weekday afternoon at this time for the continuing story of Somerset. And on most of these same computers, be sure to watch As Days Go By, when Billie tells Steve and Bo she won't take no for an answer. Weekdays on SONBC. The preceding program was pre-recorded.


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