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Episode 43




“Lexie… I… I needed to talk you before you let Rolf induce my labor,” Sami said. “I need your help to get out of here. My baby needs your help. And we can help each other!”

“Sami, even if I wanted to help you, which I don’t, there’s absolutely no way…” Lexie said before Sami interrupted.


“Oh, there is too a way. Right here,” Sami said pulling Stefano’s diary out of her pocket and showing it to Lexie. “This is our ticket out of here and back to our families in Salem. Once Tony sees this he’s not going to lift one finger to help Stefano and we’ll be free.”

“What are you talking about?” Lexie said skeptically.

“I found this in the attic. It’s Stefano’s diary. It has all his secrets. All his schemes inside its pages,” Sami said excitedly. “And the biggest one involves Tony.”


“Sami, just what are you trying to accomplish intruding in an old man’s personal business?” Lexie asked.

“But it’s business that concerns all of us, Lexie. It concerns your father and Tony and E.J. and my baby,” Sami said. “Oh, Lexie, I know you hate me and I don’t expect that to change. But if you care at all for E.J., the father of my child, your brother… well sort of your brother… but anyway, if you care for him at all you’ll…”

“Sami, how dare you question me about my feelings for my family?” Lexie said.

“I wasn’t. I just mean… I just don’t want my baby to be born in this awful place. I just want to get out of here. And you can help me Lexie. We can help each other,” Sami pleaded. “You just have to call Tony and tell him about this.”

“Oh, so you think Tony is going to help you get out of here, Sami?” Sami said. “He hates you even more than I do.”


“Well, after you show him the diary he’ll hate someone a hell of a lot more than he hates me,” Sami said. “He’ll hate Stefano for keeping the truth that E.J. is his son a secret from both of them all these years!”

“What?” Lexie gasped and tried to make sense of what she just said. “You’re crazy. Sami, this has to be the most ridiculous lie you’ve ever told. And you’ve told some big ones.”

“It’s true,” Sami said. “It’s all in here. I’m not making this up. Apparently E.J. is Tony and Anna’s son. I guess Anna was pregnant with him and thought she had a miscarriage after the boating accident, but Stefano paid off the doctors to lie. He was afraid his grandchild, the heir to the DiMera legacy, would hate him if he was raised by Tony and he couldn’t stand the idea of that so he hid him away from everyone all these years so he could groom him to lead the family just the way he wanted. I guess he was raised in London, not that far from Anna actually, which is so sad.”


“That’s preposterous, Sami,” Lexie said. “I mean you’ve heard E.J. talk about growing up here at Maison Blanche. Are you saying E.J. is just making that stuff up?”

“No, Lexie,” Sami said. “I’m saying someone else made up those memories for him. It says in here he was raised in London by some governess Mary Poppins-type woman named Wells. But Stefano gave him these other memories to think he was Elvis Junior when he was ready to send this latest and greatest pawn to work terrorizing Salem.”


Lucas walked over to a silver car parked in the alley behind Mythic Communications and put his hands on the glass to try to look inside the tinted passenger window and jumped back startled when the window rolled down.


“Get in the car, Lucas,” Celeste commanded from the driver’s seat. “Hurry up before someone sees you!”

Lucas shook his head, opened the door and got in the passenger seat.

“So, Celeste, what’s so urgent you needed to see me right now,” Lucas huffed.

“Well, it’s incomplete information, but the spirits tell me that you are the key to me finding my Alexandra


“The spirits tell you I can help you find Lexie? That’s why you called me? What a freaking joke,” Lucas said rolling his eyes and putting his hand on the door handle. “I’m getting out of here. Maybe you can call up Miss Cleo and get her help unraveling your voodoo mystery.”

“So you won’t help me find Lexie even if my tarot cards tell me she is alive and with your wife, Samantha?” Celeste said.

“Sami?” Lucas said, as if saying her name caused him physical pain rather than just emotional pain. “But Lexie disappeared so long ago. Long before Sami ran off with E.J.”


Celeste surveyed the anguish on his face and knew she couldn’t tell Lucas about the entire reading, that Sami and E.J. were together with Lexie. If he knew, he wouldn’t help her.

“You really believe that?" Celeste asked. "After all the years Sami had spent fighting for you, trying to win your heart, trying just to get through one wedding ceremony, you think that once she finally got married she was just going to give it up on a whim and throw it all away for some affair?”


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