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  • Dylan Walsh (Sean, Nip/Tuck) will be joining DAYS in a mysterious role. The character is named Duncan, who will be very involved with Bo and Hope's summer storyline. Duncan is going to bear a very striking resemblance to Bo Brady. "It's going to be a fun story, but it will, of course, mean some trouble for Bope!"
  • The blog will be doing two special bonus episodes this weekend. "There will be a special Saturday AND Sunday episode this weekend."...previews King. "There is a lot going on right now, and a lot had to be backburnered due to the Fury climax and Lucas' death. I need to jumpstart the summer storylines, and these two bonus episodes are needed to do that.
  • In other news, Darrin Brooks (Max Brady) and Ashley Benson (Abby Devereaux) will last air this weekend.
  • There is a big disaster storyline in the works for July 4th weekend. "Stefano will be heavily involved with the carnage. The Phoenix will leave Salem in ashes."


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Love this news! I watch Nip/Tuck and I've always thought that Dylan Walsh could past for a recast Bo Brady. Robert Kelker-Kelly who?

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I must ask the headwriter here, how big is this shows budget? I really can not understand how you can afford all these characters on contract and having so many of them in the same episodes? And now there is a big disaster coming too? It seems like King has squeezed every single cent out of Corday. ;)

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I live for death and destruction! But I also need Steffie to be front burner, already.

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