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Episode #175 - Friday, June 1st, 2007:

  • Victor attempts to console Kae over Lucas' death, but she pushes him away.
  • Greta confronts Maggie and demands an answer as to why Maggie would do this to her or Alice or anyone! Maggie has a fire in her eyes, and she lashes out at Greta calling her a whore!
  • Bo and Roman realize whoever is standing in front of them is NOT Maggie!
  • Georgia helps Will grieve.
  • Bo leaves the station to comfort Hope over her cousin's loss.
  • Mike and Billie share a special moment on the hospital terrace when they recall their favorite moments of Lucas, their brother.
  • Eugene and Callope asks Addie what has been going on. Addie says she was right...Maggie is the Fury! Calliope says if Maggie is the Fury, then a lot of things have changed since the last time she was in Salem!
  • Austin and Carrie leave Will to be in Georgia's hands. When alone, Austin opens up to Carrie about how much he is going to miss his brother, Lucas.
  • Marlena and John continue to help Sami.
  • Marlena and John's babysitter brings baby Gabe to the hospital to be with them.
  • Sami and Kate must put their feelings aside to make plans for Lucas' funeral.
  • Calliope and Eugene arrive at the hospital and immediately reunite with good friends, Marlena and John, who confirm for Eugene and Calliope that Maggie is the Fury.
  • Chloe arrives and tells Philip she is there for him if he needs her. Philip asks Chloe to stay with him. Shawn realizes they need this time together so he concedes to Philip.
  • Bo comforts Hope. Bo, Hope, Jack, and Jennifer decide to join Roman at the station and question Maggie.
  • Nicole is left alone to grieve for her brother...and ex-husband...until Peter arrives. Peter offers his sister, Nicole, solace over the death of Lucas.
  • Roman, Bo, & co. call Laura and Marlena to come and meet with Maggie.
  • Jan gets into a huge fight with Melissa and Sarah and warns them she is going to kill Maggie! Sarah and Melissa decide to have Jan arrested on charges of harrassment and Maggie's attempted murder.
  • Austin takes a moment out of grieving to recall running into Miguel Marco in downtown Salem the other day. Austin vows to keep Miguel away from Carrie...he just cannot believe his past has come back to haunt him.
  • Eric is on his way to bring Sami some food when he runs into Kristen. Kristen and Eric recall their lovemaking and how she is pregnant with his baby. Eric calls her sick and says she only used him for revenge on Marlena. Kristen says it is true, but it doesn't make her any less pregnant. Kristen asks Eric if he is going to there for her and this baby.
  • Addie realizes there is no need to pose as E.C. anymore. Addie decides to come up with a story that will have "E.C." transfer schools...and away from Andy. Addie realizes she must hurry to move herself out of Andy's room before he returns!
  • Jan is arrested for the attempted murder of Maggie.
  • Mike recalls not knowing Jan and Nicole were related to Billie when he told her none of her family matched her blood cells...and sentenced her to death.
  • Marlena, John, Eugene, and Callope catch up on old times. Calliope and Eugene bond with John and Marlena's baby, Gabe.
  • Eric informs Kristen he is getting back together with Greta, but he will be there for his baby. Kristen collapses.
  • Peter lets Sami know he is here for her, but he asks her if he should stick around...Sami asks Peter to leave.
  • Andy arrives at his dorm room to discover his roommate, E.C., is gone. Addie snuck out just in time!
  • Kristen is rushed in to see Dr. Bader. Eric accompanies her. Dr. Bader informs Kristen she is suffering from major cramps, but she will be OK. Dr. Bader asks her if while she is here, she wants to see the baby. Kristen agrees. Kristen and Eric watch as Dr. Bader performs an ultrasound to see the baby. Kristen is moved. Eric bonds with the baby. Dr. Bader informs them Kristen is pregnant with a baby boy.
  • Mike runs Jan and Nicole's T-Cell Records on file with the hospital to cross reference them with Billie's.
  • Laura and Marlena ask Maggie why she did all of this. Maggie's eyes widen. Marlena asks Maggie what is wrong with her. She says this is not the Maggie she knows and loves. Laura agrees. Marlena and Laura tell Maggie they are going to help her. Maggie screams in a voice unlike her own that she does not need nor does she want their help! Marlena and Laura look at each other in confusion.
  • Kate arrives to her hotel room. She is grief-stricken and in denial. She looks traumatized. She walks into her room like a zombie. Someone is in the room with her. Kate is terrified. She grabs a fire poker. She turns the corner and flips on the light. She raises the fire poker in anger ready to hit her assailant..."YOU!?!?!"...Kate screams as she stands looking at her younger sister, Jenna Brown (played by Laura Leighton), who pulls her into a comforting hug that Kate struggles to avoid.

Next on DAYS: Abby and Max say goodbye to Salem, but you won't believe how it ends for the lovebirds!


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You see. This is what Im talking about. Half of Salem are always featured in every single episode in this blog. If this was DAYS for real, I wouldnt dare to think how much it would cost to produce this. :lol:

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