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  1. Are there more shocking twists coming up later this summer? Will there be more Chapters in this storyline?
  2. In the Top: Drake Hogestyn Kristian Alfonso Jensen Ackles Christie Clark Lauren Koslow Yay! Also in the top: Alison Sweeney Bryan Dattilo Arianne Zuker Boo! Still very well balanced though.
  3. I appreciate the work that you and Roman do. This is a Huge and Wide story involving lots of characters. I really have enjoyed the build up to this Big Reveal. This is the kind of nail biting suspense that I miss on the real DAYS. I definately look forward to tomorrow!
  4. Please. Isnt it possible to at least summarize this whole MCF story from the beginning in chronological order, and post it here at the blog? It doesnt have to be very detailed, just sum up the story in short. I am very excited about the Big Reveal tomorrow. I have a few suspects, but it will be nice to finally see who it really is!
  5. Is this another DAYS Blog? I have somehow missed this Blog completely. I love Roman/Kate/Anna.
  6. I am a Psycho myself. So I guess you are a fan of me then.

  7. I agree with Tishy. Great job of building up the suspense, and what a cliffhanger! I really look forward to finally find out the identity of MCF!
  8. Marlena Evans was born to be a bad girl if you ask me. Evilness becomes her very well. I have two questions to the Headwriters: 1. So the chat was cancelled, when will the next chat be? 2. Is it possible to get some kind of monthly summaries from the beginning to now? I would really like to see how all storylines started, and how they progressed until now, but I am too lazy to read through every single episode.
  9. I love this kind of Backstage Drama. Cant wait to see what happens!
  10. I already knew what was gonna happen in this episode since a certain Insider leaked it to me last week. Congratulations though. I hope for 400 more episodes now.
  11. Rudolpho Meradi


    "Bringing back Kyle Lowder was not an option" says Headwriter King. Well thank God for that! Kyle Lowder looks like a damn Onion. And he acts like one too! Good casting decisions are indeed necessary to make a good show.
  12. Rudolpho Meradi


    Why was not Stefano DiMera featured in this promo? What? Is he not sexy enough?
  13. Rudolpho Meradi


    Well. Its June 13th now. Im getting nervous. I heard that something big might happen June 15th so Im starting to bite my nails now.
  14. You keep posting the exact same comments all the time. Im on to you!
  15. What does it mean that some names in the credits are written in BLUE and most others are not? Are there any purpose behind this detail, or is it something that is being done only in order to try to drive me insane?
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