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Promo #2



ANNOUNCER: This week on The World Of Oakdale...


IPB Image

ANNOUNCER: One teen confesses his true feelings...

*Clip of Maddie and Heath*

HEATH: The truth is, Maddie. I do still love you. I never stopped.

ANNOUNCER: ...while another tries to hide his....

*Clip of Emma and Luke*

LUKE: Grandma, I've never felt this way before...and it scares me.

EMMA: You have to tell this girl how you feel.

LUKE: Never! Not in a million years!!


IPB Image

ANNOUNCER: How will Lisa react...

*Clip of Roxie watching Lisa talking with Tom*

ANNOUNCER:...when she discovers that her new personal assistant....

*Old clip of Lisa giving Roxie the job*

ANNOUNCER:....is her long lost granddaughter?!...

*Clip of Roxie and Lisa*

LISA: No. It's not true. You are lying.

ROXIE: No. I'm not, Lisa. I am your granddaughter. Scott is my father.


ANNOUNCER: This week on The World Of Oakdale......


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