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Episode 60



March 13, 2006

Andy and Emily rush Hal to Memorial. Nobody says much of anything to Emily, which drives her crazy. Desperate to know something, she sneaks over to Hal's room and hears Bob say something about "lost him". Emily faints in Andy's arms. Meg and Dusty come back from a business meeting. On the way back to their room, a passerby grabs Meg and demands she hand over her purse. Dusty leaps into action and attacks the man, who flees. Dusty takes a shaken Meg back to the room. Katie tells Maddie that's it's obvious Heath still hasn't gotten over Maddie. Maddie doesn't believe a word of it, saying that Heath knows that what they had back home is over and done with, but Katie still begs to differ. Tom arrives at Java and thanks Lisa for meeting him on such notice. He asks her what she thinks of her new assistant Roxie and Lisa admits to Tom that Roxie seems so caught up in Lisa's personal life that it's beginning to creep her out. Tom drops a file on table, saying that everything she wants to know about Roxie Milton is in that file. However, he warns Lisa that once she reads the file, she may never be the same.


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