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Episode 59



March 10, 2006

Jennifer learns from Sierra that Dusty and Meg have gone to New York on business. Jennifer, baffled at the news, asks what Meg went for. Sierra shocks Jennifer with the news that Meg is now working alongside Dusty at Worldwide. Jessica thanks Curtis for coming home so soon and pleads with him to go to the Children Of Promise house and try and talk some sense into his dad. After much persuading, Curtis agrees. Will arrives at the police station and wants to know what Barbara wants. She tells him of what truly happened on James's jet and Will is flabbergasted at the predicament his mother has gotten herself into this time. Barbara informs Will that since her arraignment has been delayed, it is his responsibility to get the $500,000 bail the judge demanded for Paul. At Maddie and Henry's, Katie finds Maddie and immediately knows something is bothering her. She confides in Katie that Heath has been noticeably jealous when Luke is around and can't figure out why. Katie tells a stunned Maddie that Heath obviously has feelings for her still. At Susan's, Andy and Emily begin making love. Emily is surprised at how romantic Andy can truly be. Everything seems to be perfect until Hal comes over to ask Susan a medical question. Horrified that Hal has caught them in a compromising position, Emily starts shooting off at the mouth but is taken back when Hal starts clutching his chest and gasping for breath, eventually collapsing.


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