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PCE: Episode 18



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Endgame- Episode 18
Monday, April 16, 2007

- PC begins in the Quartermaine Mansion. Edward is looking forward to AJ's plan regarding Michael. He hopes that his grandson has the right stuff to get it done. AJ's always been a failure in Edward's eyes, hopefully this will change some things.

Edward walks to the table near the steps to look for his newspaper and finds it missing. "Alice where is the damn paper! I need to check my stocks!" Edward looks at his watch waiting for Alice to appear but she doesn't. He walks near the stairs and calls for her again, yet no answer. "Damn it. I don't know why we keep her on staff. All she does is tend to Luke and his needs."

Edward decides to relax in the living room but can't because someone is there. When he gets to the cracked door, he can overhear Monica talking on the phone.

"I didn't want to resign….I had to if I wanted to protect our secret. Don't you think I want to? I want this to be over now. Alan and I aren't happy and we haven't been for a while now….I know I have to do something soon….I do love him but things aren't the same….You're a great friend….I know. I know what I have to do. I'll talk to you later."

Monica hangs up her phone. When she turns around she finds Edward staring at her. "How much of that did you her Edward," she asks cautiously.

"That depends on how much you plan on telling me Monica." He walks over towards her. "What was that all about? What do you have to do?"

Monica tries to avoid looking Edward in the eyes, but feels close to the breaking point. "Edward I…" Monica's voice drops off when the doors to the mansion kick open and "We're home" is yelled at the door. Edward & Monica go back into the downstairs area to find Luke & Tracy back from their vacation.

"We're home!" Luke says warmly. He looks over to Alice's way and opens his arms wide for a hug. "Come here you….did you miss me?"

"Oh of course I did Mr. Luke," the strong maid says. "Here, let me take you and Mrs. Tracy's things upstairs. When I'm done I'll get you some breakfast and a paper."

"Thank you much Alice." Luke turns to Edward and asks him for a hug. "Hug? A Hug? I've been asking for the damn paper since I got up this morning and I get nothing. You walk into the door and everything and instant service you get. Damn you Tracy!"

An exhausted Tracy just rolls her eyes at her father. "Yeah, it's great to see you too daddy. So what have we missed since we've been gone?"

Edward then turns his attention to Monica to make sure she answers his question. "I think we can get an update from Monica."

- Meanwhile, Skye barges into Lorenzo's office quite upset. "How could you do this to me? To us? You promised me that you were done with the business yet I hear you were responsible for the death of Courtney Matthews."

Lorenzo closes the lid to his laptop computer and glares at Skye. He didn't expect her to assume the worse in him, but maybe he was wrong about her. "First off all, I promised you nothing. When we decided to move to the next level in our relationship, I told you that you were my priority and I mean that." Skye turns to walk out the door, but Lorenzo gets up and grabs her arm. "However, I cannot just ignore business because you need attention. Secondly, I had nothing to do with the bombing of Courtney's apartment. I thought you of all people Skye wouldn't believe the gossip on the street. I did however have Sonny's recent shipments raided to prove a point."

Skye pulls her arm from Lorenzo's grasp. "What am I supposed to think? You lie for a living. I didn't like Courtney but she didn't deserve to die. If you didn't have anything to do with it, why are you being blamed for it?"

"Because the media needs a scapegoat and I'm it. Sonny may be a criminal but he has friends in the media that will do his bidding. By placing the blame on me, he'll be able to garner public sympathy if he does choose to retaliate." Skye appears to be calming down a bit, so Lorenzo takes this time to reassure her he had nothing to do with the bombing. "Things are going to get worse now Skye, and I need to know if you will be by my side."

Lorenzo is surprised when Skye pulls away yet again and grabs her purse. Before exiting, she touches the engagement ring on her finger, then looks back and says to him: "I can't promise you anything. This is much more than I signed up for and I don't know if I want to be a part of this life."

On the next Port Charles: Endgame
-Sonny learns another shipment was raided
-Patrick continues to frustrate Robin
-Nikolas notices Lucky's feelings for Sam


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Great Quartermaine scenes. I loved that Edward overheard and could potentially blow the whistle. And you write Luke so well, I love it.

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Great Episode! I also loved the Q scene and Edward overhearing Monica. And I loved Skye calling Lorenzo out!!

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