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PCE: Episode 19



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Endgame- Episode 19
Tuesday, April 17, 2007

- “Max!” Sonny called for his bodyguard.

“You called me, Mr. C?” Max asked as he ran up on Sonny, he trying to catch his breath.

“Yeah I need you to drive me to the warehouse.” Sonny replied as he tossed Max the keys to the limo.

“Sure thing, Mr. C.”

- Nikolas paces back and forth trying to figure out a way to do damage control. More and more people are learning about Sam and he has nothing to tell them. Carly's upset with him for being dishonest, Jason probably wants to kill him and Alexis….don't even get him started on Alexis. That's just a blowup waiting to happen. Lucky & Sam's entrance into the room interrupts Nikolas' thoughts. Lucky knows that it's just a matter of time until Jason tells Alexis about Sam. When that happens, they're going to want answers…answers that Lucky nor Nikolas seem to have at the moment. Nikolas observes Lucky helping Sam try to remember exactly what happened to her. Nik observes the tenderness Lucky has in his touch when he brushes the hair from Sam's face. Lucky tells Sam that he knows therapy has been frustrating for her, but she has to try and remember so they can protect her from Helena.

- At the hospital, Patrick and Robin have just come out of a staff meeting. Two strong-minded couple haven't really spoken to each other since their friendly dates with Sarah & Steven Webber. Robin ignores Patrick while he's around, making sure she focuses on her conversation with Lainey & Kelly. When he's out of sight, Robin tells her friends that she's furious that Patrick followed her and Steven. Lainey suggests that it was purely coincidental; Kelly thinks Patrick could be stalking her. Robin half-heartedly laughs at Kelly's assumption, though in the back of her mind, Patrick's become quite possessive since Steven and her became friends. A few minutes later, Patrick arrives with a bouquet of white lily's for Robin. He tells her this is for the other night and for making a big deal about nothing. Robin begins to open up a little to him…until he says that he hopes she's happy with this apology. Robin shoves the flowers back into Patrick, refusing to believe that he's sincere with his apology. She storms away with Kelly close behind. Patrick can't believe Robin's upset with him again. Lainey tells him to be more sensitive to a woman's feelings.
Max drove the limo around the backside of the warehouse to the backdoor as the supervisor emerged to greet them. Sonny exited the backseat of the limo and Max escorted him and the supervisor into the warehouse.

- “I want details. Tell me all you know, right now!” Sonny barked as the supervisor reached for the shipment manifest.

“The shipment of computer chips was to arrive at 10:45PM, in 3 large wooden crates. However when the shipment arrived, it was 1 crate short.” The supervisor explained.

Sonny stood in front of him and all he could do was shake his head in disgust. This was the last time one of his shipments go missing.

On the next Port Charles: Endgame
-Lucas opens up to Carly and begins to plan Brandon's funeral
-Edward warns Alan to watch Monica
-Monica promises Kevin she's ending her marriage to Alan
-Skye is upset that Luke doesn't want to be friends with her


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I am really liking how you are intensifying the Lucky/Sam/Jason/etc al. storyline. I am truly going to like reading when Alexis finds out.

Also liking what you are doing with Lucas.... Keep up the great writing, Ryan.

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Ever since reading this story I became a LuSam fan, I love this story, I check everyday to see if the next episode is posted b/c I'm in suspense. :D
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