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Episode 261



Emily refuses to go with Andy. Andy finally gives up and meets Susan at Java like she requested. Both are surprised when Emily comes in. Susan tells her daughter to take a seat...they have alot to go over.

Over at Katie's cottage, Lyla arrives and listens to her daughter's heartfelt plea for Lyla to convince Henry to go on a second honeymoon. Lyla asks for time alone with Henry and convinces Henry to take her on the trip because it may do the exact opposite of rekindling flames between Katie and Henry. It may re-awaken her love for Mike.

Barbara meets with Lisa at the Lakeview and the two women rave about the success of the telethon on New Year's Eve. Lisa talks of how Grant has hurt her for the last time.

Meanwhile, we see Emma keep re-winding and playing the audio tape from when she tapped Grant's suite. Grant's voice comes across the speaker, talking to himself of how marvelous his plan is and basically calling his whole engagment to Lisa just a sham...all part of his plan to have Emma all to himself. Infuriated, Emma smashes the tape against the wall just as Jack enters.


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