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Episode 260



Jason and Erin bid the Hughes home and the Kasnoff/Peretti/Coleman home goodbye. Jason excitedly tells them all that he has found a once in a lifetime job opportunity BEHIND the camera and Erin thanks them all for taking her in anad apologizes for her theieving ways at the beginning of her stay.

After Jason and Erin leave, Henry continues to try and persuade Katie against taking a second honeymoon. Katie seems deadset on going and calls Lyla to come over, in hopes of persuading Henry to go for it.

Susan stops dead in her tracks when she sees John and how suddenly his mood has changed. Susan makes up a story about being paged for a medical emergency in pediatrics. As soon as she walks out of the door, Susan picks up her cell and asks Andy to meet her. And bring Emily.

Mike thanks Nancy for meeting him and asks what she thinks he has to do to get Katie back. Nancy assures Mike to let time run its course and she'll find her way back to him.


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