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Casting Call!



The World of Oakdale is looking to cast two roles in the coming weeks.

The first is a recast of a minor player. Due to some last minute changes, the name and face of Lucinda's hitman that she ordered on Craig are changing. "Rico Perez" is described as a dark haired, hispanic man in his mid thirties.

The second role that the show is looking to cast is Dana's mother, Millicent "Milly" Hamilton. Not much is known about the role, but sources say the woman will be quite the opposite of Grant. Though she has a soft, caring side, viewers will definitely be intrigued by her blunt, no-nonsense, comedic attitude.

And don't forget...tomorrow is the final airdate for Marty West [Jason] and Geneva [Erin].


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For Dana's mother: (these are out of work soap vets in Jerry's age range)

Susan Brown

Constance Towers (who is only recurring at GH - needs a steady role)

Ann Flood (my #1 pick)

Rue McClanahan (former AW actress & one of my fave Golden Girls)

Louise Shaffer (great choice too)

Lee Meriwhether (great beauty)

Christina Pickles

Ann Wedgeworth (great character actress, AW & Somerset actress)

all of those are around the same age as Eileen Fulton too.

For the hitman I am going with Latino's in the 30 - 35 year age range: (all of these are on imdb.com)

Kurt Caceres (think he was on AMC)

Maximillian Alexander

Bronson Picket (he has played Latino characters - not sure about his heritage)

one last one Joseph Barbara but he is getting ready to turn 40 this year.

My favorite is probably Bronson Picket. He is nice looking and loved him on Another World. Of course he has been on ATWT back in 1996-97 as Diego.

Kurt Caceres is another good choice. He played somebody for a short time on AMC - maybe Mateo. Just can't remember for sure right now.

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