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Episode 33




Dalls phones Hal and tells him of the latest developments while Jack phones the man they met with earlier and makes plans to pick up two girls for he and Dallas "to enjoy for the night". Dallas asks Jack what exactly he plans on doing and Jack just urges Dallas to wait. Barbara and James finally settle down and James cozes her into joining him for a nice dinner. The two seem to be warming up to each other, until James mentions Paul again and sends Barbara off the edge. Nick tells Jennifer of the bachelor auction and claims that it would be a perfect time for them to showcase the new designs for the men's line of Threadz. He also teases Jennifer that she should bid on him and Jennifer begins to see a side of Nick that she's never seen before..a sweet, caring man..not a cocky, ruthless businessman. Dusty finds Meg at the hospital visiting Lucinda. After doing some visiting of his own with Lucinda, he tells Meg that Jennifer won't be forgiving her anytime soon. Meg just shrugs it off and tells Dusty that the only thing improtant right now is re-building their friendship. Gwen tracks down Will going into work at Metro. They talk and come to an agreement they will try and make more time for one another when they're not at work. Will goes in to Metro, but later meets up with Gwen at Iris's and the two make love.


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