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Episode 34 (Late)




Ben and Jessica attend the service. After the srvice, Ben still remains admamant about the group and is still intrigued by them, while Jessica sees it as a bunch of hogwash. Later, after Jessica's left for a trial she has to attend, Ben talks with the priest and makes plans to visit again.

Will runs into Cass at Java and asks if there's any way to sneak through and get his trust fund money. Cass is shocked that Barbara hasn't told Will. Will is flabbergasted when Cass informs him that Barbara ceased all payments and interest to the account, closed it out, and moved the funds into her BRO account.

Panzico meets with Jack and Dallas in front of Yo's. They begin talking with him, but it looks like theire cover is blown when a fellow cop walks by and asks why they're not at the station. Unbeknownst to them, Panzico gets his gun ready.

Any and Emily sneak out of the house and meet up at Metor where they share a dinner and talk about the good ole days. They're both blown away, however, when Kim and Nancy enter...prompting Andy and Emily to seek cover.

Paul, driving towards Canada, regrets what he's done and turns back around. Once at the airport, he finds James' private jet and debates going inside.

Barbara accuse James of brainwashing Paul into aiding him with his latest scheme. James claims that Paul was more than eager to help. Barbara goes off on Paul about every single bad thing he's ever done. James lets his temper get the best of him and pulls out a gun. As Barbara struggles to get the gun away from James, it goes off.


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