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Episode 32




Ben tells Jessica of the man that he ran into at Java and the intirguing lifestyle that he and a group he leads are currently living. After much persuading, Jessica agrees to go with Ben to the service. Katie drops by Margo's and asks her for help with the bachelor auction. Margo agrees and the two sisters start talkign about Mike and Margo begins to realize what an overwhelming gap Mike's departure has left in her little sister's heart. Maddie and Casey run into each other at Java and begin to talk about school. Casey admits that as much as he loves his family, he just doesn't seem to fit in Oakdale anymore. Maddie urges Casey to really think about everything and offers her ear if he ever needs to talk. Jennifer calls Dusty on his sudden change of heart. He explains to Jennifer that she can't be angry with Paul, Emily and Meg forever..or it will get the better of her. Jennifer rejects Dusty's claims and calls him insane. Emily comes in and finds Susan and Hla laughing over a game of checkers. Emily is flabbergasted that her mom and her ex are now such good friends. Susan leaves for work, and once alone, Hal confides in Emily that he still loves her and hasn't given up on her yet.


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