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Epsiode 31




Luke watches Lucinda as she sleeps in her hospital bed. When she awakens, she badgers Luke on whether he's finally stopped drinking. Luke confesses to Lucinda that he tried weed, too...but nothing is helping him and he has no idea what's wrong with him.

Henry and Katie recruit Tom, Hal, Nick, Will, Andy, and Dusty as bachelors...but they struggle to find bachelorettes. After much deliberating, Henry and Katie decide to nix that part of the show and head home to gather decorations for the auction at the gym.

Holden and Lily hear from Emma about the bachelor auction and realize that 3/4 of Oakdale will be there, so they decide to renew their vows at a later time when things have finally settled back down.

Gwen talks to Carly about her fight with Will and Carly encourages Gwen to talk things over with Will and make it right. Carly also reminds Gwen that the final designs for Threadz's inaugural Junior Line have to be completed soon.

Jack and his partner Dallas arrange a meeting undercover with one of the pimps of the prostitution ring. They learn from that Panzico DeMossi is the leader of the ring and is smuggling prostitiutes illegally into the country.

Barbara boards the jet, and is shocked to find James abaord. She rails him for his inability to honor her request to leave her alone. James tease Barbara and says that Paul must have failed to tell her. Barbara refuses to believe that Paul would do something like this and begins to leave until James grabs her by the arm and tells her she's not going anywhere.


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