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February Sweeps Preview



The World Of Oakdale is pulling out all the stops this February as its inaugural sweeps period begins. Executive Producer and Headwriter Dusty Alford has the scoop:


Henry has this gerat idea of coming up with his own TV station to rival WOAK. Katie just sees Henry as using her to be able to get the money by selling the gym and holding a Bachelor/Bachelorette Auction. But Henry has some serious motivations behind all of this, and those motives will soon come out. Mike will re-surface towards the middle or end of February a changed man. He's been with his dying brother and helping take care of the family after his brother's offscreen death.


Lucinda just underwent surgery to have all of her cancer removed, and there will be some sisterly/motherly bonding going on between these three while they await news of whether the surgery nixed the cancer.


Nick, new to Oakdale, has managed to set his sights on Jennifer. Likewise, Meg has again set her eyes on Dusty. These four will stop at nothing to get the one they love. We have a classic soap quadrangle here as we see every character being pulled every which way.


Somewhere in Oakdale, there is an illegal prostitution ring and all the prostitutes are being illegally smuggled into the country. Jack and his partner on the case, Dallas, get in over their heads on the case and Holden is there to bail them out. But it will cost one person their life.


Casey will soon depart Oakdale for the sunny beaches of California with his brother Adam. A former high school friend of Maddie's, Heath Clayborn, comes to Oakdale with his family and he soon makes it clear that he hopes to win Maddie's heart. But Maddie isn't really returning those feelings.


Lisa hires a personal assistant to help her with her finances and to help her run her different businesses. However, this new assistant, known as Roxie, has ulterior motives, which the audience will know way before Lisa does. And once those motives are unmasked, Tom and Margo will be involved.


Emiyl and Andy's relationship continues to blossom, but Hal still hasn't gotten over Emily. Susan and Kim will start World War III when they realize that they've been deceived and that the Andy/Emily relationship still exists.


Ben will be introduced to a new way of life, but then things get too serious. Jessica fears the worst and brings Curtis back from college to help his father realize that the life he wants...is right in front of him. Margo will also be involved in this storlyine.


James is trying to draw Barbara back into his life, but a sudden event changes everything. Paul will be there to take the blame, while Barbara hides in shame. And as always, James will be there to stir the pot up just a bit. The storyline will wrap up in early March, prompting a major character in this triangle to leave...and it's not who you think it is.


Will and Gwen have traveled a long and troublesome road. Barbara will pose a threat to the couple, but in a way you wouldn't expect. For the most part, it will be smooth sailing for these two...but there's always a few bumps in the road.

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