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Episode 30




Will tracks down Gwen and apologizes for upsetting her, but makes mention that they both have very busy lives now and he thinks they should just get adjusted to ther new jobs before they get serious again like they were. Gwen is uncontrollably angry with Will, and again..runs off.

Nick pulls Carly to the side at the Threadz office and interrogates her about Jennifer. He soon learns that Mike and Jennifer were once married and that now, she's having an on-again/off-again romance with Dusty Donovan.

Dusty and Jennifer talk about the hug and the kiss on the cheek between Meg and Dusty that Jennifer walked in on. Dusty claims they (Dusty/Meg) are nothing more than friends and says that Jennifer needs to let go of this bitterness and hatred for Paul, Emily, and Meg that she has...before it eats her up inside. Jennifer is outraged at the very thought of forgiving them all.

Ben talks with Owen Fritz, founder and pastor of The Children of Promise. Ben is intrigued by the group's motivation and lifestyle. Owen invites Ben to a service and Ben agrees to think it over.

Andy and Emily go out to the new ice skating rink in town. Emily remarks that she's never ice-skated and Andy vows to teach her. After a few times of falling, Emil finally learns it, but is accidentally knocked down out of nowhere by a man. Andy reaches down to pick her up, but she playfully pulls him down with her, leaving them dangerously close to a kiss.


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