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Episode 178



Gwen and Will are taken for surprise when Luke and Maddie arrive. Gwen is confused when they start talking about the accident. Will explains everything to her and says that he feared she might not believe him when he said he couldn't remember. Gwen, hurt and frustrated, leaves to clear her head. Jack asks Emma why she kicked out Grant and she explains that she doesn't need any help and reveals that she knows that Carly and Jack were the ones that called Mr. Hamilton. Emily arrives at Andy's apartment and is told by the landlord that Andy went to his parent's house ans was talking about leaving. Emily rishes over to tell Andy that she has sold the paper to focus more on them, just as Andy walks out of the house..suitcases in town. At Lucinda's, Lucy gets panicked when Dusty comes over and starts taking all his anger out on her for ruinignh sic ahnces with Meg. He quickly apologizes and leaves. With Lucinda in the kitchen, Lucy clutches her stomach and starts screaming.."Something's wrong with the baby!" She then collapses in pain.


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