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Days: Actor Leaving!!

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Well not the bulk of it but some of it. They were backburnered when he was killed. But not right after he was brought back with the other survivors since they were the first couple reunited on the Island. Then they along with John & Marlena were apart again while Marlena and Jack were in the castle. But again they were not really backburnered because even they were reunited before J&M because Jack got out of the castle and got with the fake Jennifer. And he and Reeves were together but still J&M weren't.

Then they had a big story last fall and then of course Jack was off again, but J&M were apart still too because Marlena had amnesia. So really J&J have been together more in the last few years than J&M have.

And now they are on together and getting more of a reunion story than J&M did. They get them together and sent them off.

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The one that you have not been at least I think so according to your nickname :huh:

The things I stated are the way things went down. I did not say they were in front burner good stories or that any story they were involved in was good, but they were on. They were on quite a bit after Jack came back from the castle, and were one of the three couples reunited on the Island. Of course only Bo & Hope stayed reunited as both Jack and Marlena were believe dead again in the tidal wave.

Of course Jack tried to escape and they were separated again as everyone went looking for and tried to rescue Jack.

Despite what most people say John & Marlena have been just as wronged as Jack & Jennifer. The only thing Marlena didn't get a 3rd death but might as well have because she got amnesia and didn't know anyone she loved.

Marlena died twice and then got amnesia.

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