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Anyone into comic books?


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I started getting back into them again since I started working at the call centre I'm at (got tired of US Weekly etc). Before that I used to read them sporatically as a child - meaning: I made my mom buy em all the time but only read half *tops* :lol:

I'm a huge Batman addict. So Detective Comics and Batman are must-gets. I'm behind a few issues since this whole One Year Later thing has happened. Havent fully read them. I was majorly into the Red Hood / Jason Todd storyline this past year though. Batman kills his former (& back from the dead) Robin, to save the Joker's life. That was such a shocking moment. And I love Black Mask!

I'm also a huge X-Men fan, but it seems right now to be a poor time to be a fan. Astonishing X-Men, the Joss Whedon book, which I'm heavily into is bi-monthly while Joss works on Wonder Woman, I guess. I tried getting into Uncanny X-Men again, but I can't stand the lineup (Nightcrawler, Bishop, Phylocke, Marvel Girl, some weird dude). I'm prolly gonna try just X-Men, but their lineup's looking rather shaky as well. Astonishing has all the good characters! (Cyclops, Emma Frost, Beast, Wolverine, Colossus, Kitty Pryde)

Also into the new Captain America series, Amazing Spider-Man (though its not had anything I've been interested in since the Hydra story ended. The Other was boring as hell!), and Civil War. And Ultimate Spider-Man, which I'm reading through the graphic novels, is amazing!

So, anyone else? What are you reading if you are? If you used to read em, what were you into?

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I wasn't really a comic book reader growing up. I got into X-Men from the cartoon on FOX Kids. However, I recently bought two X-Men graphic novels. The first was Chris Claremont's original Dark Phoenix saga. The second was "Phoenix Endsong" which was released last year.

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I've been wanting to grab a copy of Endsong for a while now, havent gotten around to it. Dark Phoenix Saga though was amazing! I just wish now I could see the Phoenix Saga in decent print.

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  • 4 months later...

I'm just getting back into comics.

I downloaded the X-Men comics from the beginning but only read the first couple so far.

With the "The Dark Knight" movie starting up and the Joker being cast with Heath Ledger, I downloaded the Batman: "The Killing Joke." I'm trying to find earlier Batman comics with the Joker. I think I'm going to buy some of Frank Miller's Batman novels next and maybe Jeph Loeb's Batman novels too.

Last week I just bought the DC Comics and Marvel Encyclopedias.

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I know the Joker is about to head up a major storyline over in Detective this month. After getting his face put back together over some events a couple issues back.

while they're not Joker related, I highly recomend looking into obtaining War Drums, War Games Acts 1-3 (3 books), War Crimes, and Under the Hood vols 1 & 2. 2004-present Batman has been full of alot of powerful and essential mythos, and been amazing reading.

We get a new Robin, Batman faces the death of another team member, Black Mask rises to power in Gotham's underworld, one of Batman's longest allies betrays him deeply, Jason Todd returns from the dead and wages war with Batman and Black Mask, Talia and the son Batman fathered decades ago(issue wise) return to Gotham ...

where have you been downloading old books?

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I used to be *heavily* into comic books when I was younger, primarily DC. I did have a spell in the 1980s where I was reading Marvel, too.

In the past, I've been heavily into:

Wonder Woman

I'm a MEGA WW fan (going all the way back to the Lynda Carter days). I started reading regularly around Vol.1 #300 and continued through the end of that run, #1 of Vol 2. #1 (the Perez era) through the late 1980s/early 1990s. I really need to get into the re-launch. Diana Prince is back and I hear that she's spining (ala the TV show) to turn into WW for the 1st time ever!

Teen Titans

Primarily The New Teen Titans era. I kinda got out of it once the Baxter premimum run started, though, but have picked up an issue here and there. I started reading primarily because of Wonder Girl (Donna Troy). The Tara Markov storyline is, IMO, the best in the series run.

Justice League of America

I read this regularly from right after Vol.1 #200 all the way through the early part of Justice League International in the early 1990s. I need to start with the re-launch.

Legion of Super Heroes

Possibly my favorite team book of all time. I loved how it was set in the future and the characters grew older, had romances, got married, had kids, died, etc. The series was very soapy. And I loved the "Lad" and "Lass" names. lol I read regularly from right before Vol.1 #300 through the beginning of the Baxter run and a sporadic issue here and there (where I had no clue what was going on). Now that Threeboot has happened, I really need to get back into it since it seems to be going back to LSH like I love them.

All-Star Squadron

Loved this series! I started reading during the JLA/JSA/A-SS cross-over featuring Per Degaton and read all the way through the revamp into Young All-Stars (Damn Crisis on Infinite Earths runned this series by changing so much of DC's backstory). This series probably started my interest and love of the Golden Age of comics (WWII).

Other DC Comics I've been into at various points:

The Batman line (Batman, Detective Comics, Brave & Bold)

I haven't read Batman regularly in about 20 years, though.


Love this character and hated when they killed her in Crisis. Never read the re-launch with the new Supergirl. Now that she's back to being Kara Zor-El (and in the Legion), I may have to pick it up again.

The Outsiders

I read most of this series original run. Loved Halo & Looker.

The Marvel books I read where:

Fantastic Four

The She-Hulk years. Haven't read a FF book in about 20 years, though.


I was reading when Jean Grey came back to life.

The Defenders

Hellcat, Angel, Dr. Strange, et al

Power Pack

4 little kids with super powers. I loved the novelty of this series.

Alpha Flight

Possibly my 2nd favorite of the Marvel titles I read. Besides, Northstar was gay! However, he didn't come out until after I'd stopped reading.

The Avengers

My favorite Marvel title. I loved the 6 member team limit and the rotating cast. Loved Vision & Scarlet Witch. I even read West Coast Avengers regularly. I haven't read, however, in about 20 years. I hear they're re-launching the series.

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my local shop has The Greatest Joker Stories Ever Told, which is alot of early entries. I debated on getting it before settling on Bruce Wayne: Murderer? which I'm not enjoying.

I've flipped through the Frank Miller books, I find the art very off-putting to the whole thing.

Aside from the previously mentioned Batman books I listed, if you're looking for a really engaging Batman series check out Jeph Lobe's Batman: Hush. Available in either two paperbacks or a single hardcover, it's really somethin! Just finished reading it at work, and it was such a great mystery that even surprised me. And for a story that took up a years worth of issues out of Batman, it held up strong till the very end. Unlike Marvel's Civil War which I'm loathing after only 4 issues.

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I got into Superman after reading the Death of, World Without, and the Reign of The Supemen. The latter seemed drawn out alttle too much, but I was hooked, and I also was a Justice League fan at the time also, and my favorite battles from this time will always be Superman battling Doomsday, and in a graphic novel, Batman battling the Predator in Gotham City.

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