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Oprah on The Simpsons

Marco Dane

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    • Thank you! I knew there was probably a more prestigious/singular person I could have hit upon.
    • THOMAS DEKKER THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS     Philip "Chance" Chancellor IV    1993 GROSSE POINT     Leslie Chupak      2000 BOSTON PUBLIC     Julien McNeil     2003 and... HONEY, I SHRUNK THE KIDS: THE TV SHOW      Nick Szalinski    1997-2000 SEVENTH HEAVEN          Vincent      2005 HEROES        Zach         2006-07 IQ - 145          Nate Palmer         2008 TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES     John Connor    2008-09 THE SECRET CIRCLE      Adam Conant     2011-12 BACKSTROM        Gregory Valentine       2015 SWIMMING WITH SHARKS      Travis     2022 movies STAR TREK: GENERATIONS    Picard's Kid     1994 VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED      David McGowan    1995 LAID TO REST      Tommy    2009 A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET     Jesse Braun     2009 DO YOU TAKE THIS MAN        Bradley     2015 BODY BROKERS        Jacko      2021   Voices: Feivel in several AMERICAN TALES videos Littlefoot in several LAND BEFORE TIME videos                     SHANELLE WORKMAN     now Gray ONE LIFE TO LIVE          Sarah "Flash" Roberts        1999-2004 THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL       Gabriella "Gaby" Moreno Forrester   2005 movie EVEN MONEY         Jill       2006   Well known for Video Game Voices Executive Producer of movie shorts since 2015. Sister of MODERN FAMILY's Ariel Winter                     Please register in order to view this content   DREW TYLER BELL        THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL      Thomas Forrester       2004-10 DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES        Charlie           2008 90210                Foreign Car Guy       2008 and THE MIDDLEMEN   Pip    2008 movies JEEPERS CREEPERS 2     Jonny Young       2003 THE SEEKER: DARK IS RISING     James Stanton     2007     @Bright Eyes    Just doing a quick check and Wayne Brady will be up soon.
    • Actually Erica is kind of like Estee Lauder.  She, like Erica, grew up in working class while dreaming of being an actress, famous and being around wealthy men. She ended up co founding her own cosmetics company with the help of a wealthy husband.
    • Erica's fame is a funny thing to measure. She spent years ascending in the modeling world, but didn't succeed at establishing herself in show business. For a few years, she succeeded as a magazine publisher, then definitely succeeded as an entreprenur. Along the way, her husbands increased in prominence. Also, of course, she's got her fame as a talk show hostess (Was The Cutting Edge strictly local? Could it be seen nationally, or at least in NYC?) and retroactive icon of her heyday. Did I miss anything? I can't quite compare Erica to one person, although I suppose Janice Dickinson would be the closest analogue in terms of modeling (I'm open to better suggestions). And Tina Brown for the Tempo years. Enchantment was likely following the lead of Elizabeth Taylor, Cher and Joan Collins' perfumes, but I personally think of it more along the lines of Jessica Alba and the Honest Company (a surprise and highly lucrative second act). The retroactive icon of her heyday ... I guess Erica's like every woman who's survived to give commentary for a pop culture documentary. Also, now that I'm writing this, I think there was a big missed opportunity not having Erica hook up with a rock star (he doesn't have to be British, but it wouldn't have hurt) during her modeling years.
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